Many UK Players Now Go Armed With a Refill Key When Playing Fruit Machines

Some slot players will take a lucky mascot with them when they are about to sit down and play slot or fruit machines, however those lucky mascots are not going to give them a realistic chance of improving their chances of winning as it will be down to luck whether you they end up having a winning or losing slot playing session!

However, there are some tools of the trade that some savvy slot players will take with them when playing fruit machines in the UK, and one such device is a something known as a refill key.

If you have never come across a refill key before it is key that allows the employees of any venues where slot and fruit machines are available to fill up that machine if it ever runs out of coins, and that way it means that instead of having to turn off the machine and wait for an engineer to visit and then refill the slot machine the employees, supervisors or managers can do that job without a player being inconvenienced.

When a fruit machine does run out of coins to payout a player the machine will then lock up and a message will be displayed on the screen letting the player know they are owed x amount. When a refill key is inserted into the key slot located on the front of the machine and that key is then turned coins can then be fed into the coin slot to fill up the hopper or coin tubes inside that machine without them registering as playing credits.

Once the key is then removed any cash owed to a player is then paid out as normal. However, when you do insert that key into a slot or fruit machine and turn it the machine will first let you know how much cash is in the hopper or the coin tubes, just in case there is a coin blockage instead of the slot being empty of coins.

However, what many players have realised is that by getting one of those refill keys they can insert it into a slot or fruit machine and see just how much cash is inside the hoppers and/or tubes, to allow them to determine whether it has just paid out or not.

If the machine is full of coins then that is a good indication that it has not paid out recently and may be about to do so. Due to fruit machines being designed differently from casino styled slots, they go through cycles in which they are legally forced to payout a certain amount of cash on each full cycle of spin played off.

As such that refill key is a handy tool for slot players, for if a player inserts it and there is not many coins in a machine then that machine has recently paid out and may not be about to do so for quite some time, however conversely if it is full of coins then there is a good chance it may just be about to payout!