Many Casinos Relaxing Their Rules on Players Filming Their Slot Play

You only have to visit websites such as YouTube to see there are literally thousands of slot players who regularly film themselves playing slot machines in many different land based casinos across the world.

However, many casinos in places such as Las Vegas have always been very wary of their customers filming themselves playing slot machines in their venues, for there could be a chance that someone else unrelated to the person filming who is visiting that venue may be filmed gambling and that could infringe of their right to privacy.

As such you are always going to find each casino will have their own rules and regulations in regards to whether their customer are going to be able to video and film themselves playing games such a slot machines, however the more forward thinking casinos have started to take a much more relaxed view on players doing so.

If you do plan on filming yourself playing games such as slot machines then always keep in mind other players may not want to be an unexpected star of your videos and as such try and film just the slot game screen you are playing, and not anyone else who may be close by!

Some casinos however will not let anyone openly film in their properties, which is a little strange when those casinos often have hundreds of cameras trained on every single part of their gaming floor and will often be watching their customers like hawks!

What we have actually found that as long as you are fairly discreet when filming yourself playing any type of slot of gaming machine in most casinos no one will take any interest in you. However, there have been times when we have been filming our own slot play when a security officer has requested we stop doing so, quoting some rule the casino has in place, but often one he or she is not 100% sure of by the way!

If you want to be 100% sure that you are going to be able to film yourself playing slot machines in any casino then have a quick word with your casino host, as he or she will often pull whatever strings necessary to allow you to do so without being harassed by security every now and then when they catch you filming!

As a general rule though many casinos will not let you film their security staff or when their collection team is emptying the takings from their gaming machines, and if you do happen to be filming when they are doing so you will certainly attract a lot of attention, as every nearby CCTV camera will be monitoring the collection process.

We have heard of several casinos in places such as Las Vegas that have embraced players filming themselves playing their range of slot machines, one such place is the Cosmopolitan Casino, and as such if you are ever in Vegas and do wish to star in your own slot playing video the that may be a casino to visit!