Low Risk One Shot Slot Tournaments

The odds are always going to be against you if you choose to take part in one of the many heavily subscribed slot tournaments that are offered at both online and bricks and mortar casinos, much more so with those that have been structured in such a way that entrants can purchase add-ons and re-buys.

However, there is some much fairer slot tournaments offering all entrants just one single entry and those are known as One Shot slot tournaments. As the name suggests, when you enter these types of tournaments you are given just one single entry and your score cannot be increased by paying more to carry on playing by using an add-on!

You will of course still need to achieve a high enough score to pick up one of the prizes on offer on a One Shot slot tournament, however as every entrant gets only one single entry they are certainly worth entering if you do not have a large bankroll, and with some luck in playing you could bag one of the prizes up for grabs.

In regards to where you are going to find such tournaments, you will need to locate a downloadable casino site that utilizes the Microgaming software platform, as it is those casinos that will have several of these tournaments on offer each day, however some other casino sites and venues may have them on offer from time to time.

There will be a range of different entry fees on One Shot slot tournaments and the actual tournament slot machine used can of course vary from casino to casino and tournament to tournament too, but you will always find plenty of them available for entry fees you can afford if you shop around and look at the daily slot tournament schedules found on many casino websites.

You may be wondering if there is any special way or any strategies that you can adopt when taking your entry in one of these types of tournaments to help you increase your chances of picking up a cash prize.

Well, you will always have more chance of winning if you enter any type of slot tournament if there are fewer entrants registered to take part in them so it may pay dividends for you to look at some of the One Shot slot tournaments that are scheduled to start at the quieter days of the week or even in the early hours, as there will not be as many players taking part in them at the quieter times of the day or night.

The only way to play in a slot tournament is quickly, and try to get as many spins as you can from your tournament credits until your time runs out, and with that in mind make sure you have no distractions when playing in such a tournament and you should always be prepared to tap away vigorously on the slot machines spin or start button until your timer does run out or until such a time that your tournament credits have run out!