Locating the Best Paying Cayetano Gaming Designed Slot Games

What you will find unusual about Cayetano Gaming is that it is owned and operated by Paddy Power Betfair PLC and as such you will find their range of games are going to be exclusively on offer at sites operated by that company.

Whilst you may be wary of any casino and slot sites that design their own slot games, you can rest assured that all of their games have been fully independently certified and verified as being fair and random so you will have no worries whether you are playing truly random slots if you do decide to play any of them.

It does have to be said that quite a number of their slot games are great looking slot, and if you enjoy playing video slots which not only come with their own themes but can be played for various different stake amounts which also come with their own bonus games and bonuses features you will have a ball playing their range of slots.

To allow you to judge for yourself just which slots you should be playing based on just how high the payout percentages are, here is a listing and overview of each of their better paying slots individual RTP´s.

One thing we have noticed about the range of Cayetano Gaming slots is that none of them so far released come with exceptionally high RTP´s which is probably no surprise if the company that designs them also operates them via their casino and slot sites!

The Gold’Erado slot for example is currently one of their best paying slots which comes with a payout percentage of 95.70% however that is hardly a huge RTP and is quite poor when you compare it to other slots from many other designers!

You will also find the fully themed Sinbad’s Gold slot on offer and that slot has something of a slightly lower payout percentage than the slot named above and for reference that RTP is 95.60%

The Little Pigs slot should give you a fair amount of play time for your money thanks to its not too stingy RTP of 95.5% and with plenty of different staking options you can of course configure it to play for a stake level you want to play it for not what the casino site you are playing at wants you to play it for.

Some other slot games you may fancy playing are the Egyptian Wilds slot on which you will find a payout percentage of 95.30%, the Ali Baba’s Treasure slot which has a reasonable yet not that high RTP of 95.20%.

Both the Aladdin’s Lamp slot and the Beauty’s Beast slot come with payout percentages that have been certified as being 95.10%, so if you are thinking of playing slots online they may just be slots to consider playing but not what you would call huge paying slots!

Most of the other slots from Cayetano Gaming come with RTP´s of 95.00% or lower and are such in our opinion are not worth mentioning, let alone playing!