Las Vegas Club and Mermaids Casino to Re-Open Briefly!

There are some unique and unusual laws in Las Vegas, and one of the more unusual ones is that for a building that contains a casino gaming floor to keep their current gaming license, that venue must have some form of casino play taking place on the gaming floor for at least eight hours, every two years.

Should a casino close and no gaming actively take place within two years of the casino closing its doors to the public then that venue will lose its license, and any new owners or even the previous owners of that venue will then have to re-apply for a new gaming license from the Gaming Control Board!

Back in 2015 the Las Vegas Club Casino in the Downtown area of Vegas and in 2016 the Mermaids Casino also located Downtown were close and purchased by Derek and Greg Stevens, who are the current owners of the D Las Vegas and its sister property Golden Gate Casino.

The aim of those purchases was to clear the way for possible expansion plans on their current properties, and the sales went ahead fairly seamlessly, but for a disclosed sum. However, in an unusual move both the Las Vegas Club and Mermaids Casino will be re-opening their doors later this month to ensure the gaming licenses on each property will remain in place, for at least another two years.

However, there is something of a problem, and that is both venues currently have no gaming tables or slot or video poker machines inside them and that has led the Stevens brothers to call on the services of United Coin Machine who operate slot machines in the Nevada area.

United Coin Machine will install 16 slot machines on June the 27th at the Las Vegas Club and will make them available to players for eight hours. Once that legal requirement has been completed they will then move the machines over to the Mermaids Casino the following day and will make them available to players for eight hours too.

It may seem something of a time consuming task opening up a closed casino and making all of the arrangements required to ensure those buildings are safe for the general public to visit and to set up a bank of slot machines, however it is something United Coin Machine do regularly and its should not take too much effort to ensure both properties keep their gaming licenses.

Whilst there are no obvious or published plans in the pipeline in regards to what is ultimately going to happen to those two once closed, soon to be re-opened then closed again properties, however it is expected that in the very near future the long term plans for those venue will be revealed.

So if you do happen to be Downtown on the 27th or 28th of June 2017 and want something of a very unusual slot playing experience, then perhaps you should call into those casinos, just don’t expect to find a plethora of slot machines on the gaming floors!