Is Las Vegas a Safe Place to Visit and Gamble?

Getting hit over the head with a brick and waking up in hospital with a huge bandage on your head minus your bankroll, watch and any other valuables you had on you could happen to you in any major town or city not only in the U.S.A. but anywhere in the world.

As someone who may be planning a trip to Las Vegas you may be concerned about whether you are going to be safe when out and about or even when staying in any one of the many different casino resorts and hotels that are located throughout Nevada.

Well, the one thing to keep in mind about Vegas is that due to the many millions of people who visit there each year a small percentage of them will be looking for trouble, and much like when you visit anywhere in the world you should always take a few precautions to ensure you and your valuables are safe at all times.

Whilst Vegas does have a higher crime rate than some other places in America, the vast majority of visitors never experience any type of problems, and having visited there many, many times myself I have to say I have always felt safe, but you will often come across people asking your for the odd Dollar or for a cigarette.

However, having said that I tend to stay in the well populated areas of Vegas, and wouldn’t dream of walking into some of the rather dodgy looking areas located off-Strip late at night as that may be tempting fate.

When inside any of the many huge or for that matter smaller casinos you are always going to be under the very watchful eye of the security cameras and each casino will have its own team of security personnel who may not be noticeable or uniformed but are always on hand to act swiftly in the event of any incidents.

I would always recommend that you ensure your hotel room or suite has a safe, and try and keep your passport and spare cash in it, keep in mind however you will always need to have on you some form of picture identification when out and about.

If you do plan on taking large amounts of cash with you then it may also be advisable for you to wire the money to the casino before you visit or even consider using casino credit instead of carrying very large amounts of cash with you.

The likelihood of you being mugged, stabbed or even murdered when in Vegas is very low, but just in case you will be best advised to ensure you have adequate travel insurance, but if you are still worried sick about visiting Las Vegas in regards to your safety and those you may be travelling with then perhaps Vegas is not the place for you.

But if you do go, as long as you don’t go looking for trouble you are not likely to find it, enjoy yourself as you will have a ball if you do go like millions of other people do each year!