Is It Worth Visiting Downtown Vegas When Staying on the Strip?

Planning a trip to Vegas is something that can be fun and exciting, however what usually happens is that when you arrive those plans get turned upside down and never goes as expected, for you are going to have lots of distractions!

In fact, many people who did have a list of things to do when visiting Vegas often arrive back home with many of the things of that list not checked off. One thing you may be thinking of doing if you are staying at any of the Strip resorts if planning a trip to the Downtown area.

If you are or if you hadn’t even thought of doing so there are a few things that you do need to know about that part of Vegas. The first is that you are not currently going to be able to get Downtown on the Las Vegas Monorail, for currently the nearest stop is actually at the SLS Casino, which is a long, long walk away from the Downtown area!

However, many visitors to Vegas who do want to visit Downtown will jump on the Deuce Bus which goes the entire length of the Strip then onto the Downtown area, and with there being a bus every few minutes you will not be waiting for very long no matter at which bus stop you decide to use, just make sure you are on the right side of the road or you will end up going to the Mandalay Bay Casino which is in the opposite direction.

The Downtown area of Las Vegas is where you are going to find a large number of casinos that cater for the lower rolling player, and whatever you choice of casino game, from Blackjack games to slot machines you are going to find some very low table stake limits and some much more appealing payout percentages.

So if you do go Downton to gamble you will certain be getting plenty of value from your bankroll when compared to the hose edges and RTP’s on the casino games on offer at casinos located on the Strip.

One of the main attractions of that part of Vegas however is the Viva Vision light show, and that is an amazing light show that covers Freemont Street that sees millions of lights dancing around in time to the must being played. If that is something you want to see and experience, and it certainly is an experience and sight to behold then you will of course need to pay a visit in the evening as opposed to the day time.

If you are looking for some white knuckle excitement then the SlotZilla Zip Wire is what you should make the effort to go on, it is a zip wire that stretches the length of the street and you will be gliding down above everyone below, so perhaps it is not for the faint of heart!

If you enjoy watching musicians playing live music then that is something else you will find on offer, as there is a main stage area on Freemont Street that showcases many different live bands, and having seen some of them I do have to say you will certainly enjoy listening to them and soaking up the atmosphere, dependent of course on your own personal tastes in music!