Hunting for Guaranteed Hit by Slot Jackpots About to Hit

You will no doubt come across plenty of different progressive slot machines to play, no matter where or when you choose to play them. However, with the chance of you winning one of the mega size jackpot payouts being tiny, you could be put off giving them any amount of play time.

If you enjoy playing progressive slot machines but are looking for a much fairer chance of winning a jackpot, and are happy to make do with lower valued jackpots, then you should be looking for slots offering you something known as a guaranteed hit by jackpot.

Many slot machine designers have launched such slots, with slots from both Konami and WMS offering such jackpots being very popular with players in bricks and mortar casinos.

There is however one thing you need to be ware of when playing such a slot if you have never come across them before, and that is as soon as the jackpots reach their guaranteed hit by amount, then they will be paid out to players, for the design of those slots calls for those jackpots to be paid out before or as soon as they do hit their preset hit by amounts.

As such if you are prepared to put in the legwork, time and effort hunting around from casino to casino on the hunt for jackpots that are not very far off their guaranteed hit by amounts, then you can often increase the number of those jackpots you win!

However there is something of a very fine art in knowing when such a jackpot is likely to be paid out. Take for example a slot offering a hit by jackpot of saying $500 you are going to find those slot machines are much more likely to award their jackpot when they are about $490 in value than they are when they are at $250!

As such, what you should be doing as you wander round any casino gaming floor is first making a note of all of the slot machines that do offer these types of jackpots, and then jumping on the slots which have jackpot values not far off their guaranteed hit by amount!

You may think that no savvy slot player in their right mind is going to stop playing a slot machine that is going to payout a progressive jackpot sooner rather than later, however that is what a large percentage of players will do.

Usually that is due to the fact that they have been playing that slot for quite a while and may have spent up their bankroll chasing that jackpot!  Whilst you can have varying degrees of luck utilizing this slot playing strategy, it will only take one or two of those jackpots to hit when you are playing such a slot for you to then be a fan of this playing strategy!

You will however always win those hit by progressive jackpots more often when they are very high in value than when they are low in value, so keep that in mind when you are next in a land based casino!