How to Access Low Cost Flights to Las Vegas

There is of course one place every slot player is going to want to visit at least once in their life, or if they are lucky as many times as they can do, and that place is of course Las Vegas.

However, with the cost of international flights often being above the budget of many people, and with internal flights also being so expensive within the U.S.A you may have been put off on planning a trip there.

Well, if that is the case and you live in Europe then you need to be aware of an airline called Norwegian Air Shuttle, they are a low cost airline who operate a number of flights from many European countries direct to Las Vegas and some surrounding cities in neighbouring States too.

What any air traveller does also need to be aware of is that different countries charge different Air Passenger Tax on people starting their journey in each country, and by becoming a savvy traveller you can save a small fortune by flying direct to Las Vegas but from another country other than your own.

Take for example if you are in the UK, you will find you can fly direct to Las Vegas with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic, however by leaving from the UK you are going to have to pay some hefty taxes on top of the already high air fare.

But by flying direct to Las Vegas on Norwegian Air Shuttle from places such as Oslo in Norway, Copenhagen in Denmark or Stockholm in Sweden the cost of a direct flight can be as low as £100 each way!

You will of course need to get to those airports, however with budget airlines such as Ryan Air offering direct flights from many UK and European airports to each of those countries you will find them very affordable.

In fact, with some advance planning and booking your tickets early you could end up paying as little as £9.99 to get to places such as Copenhagen and then just £100 for your one way flight to Las Vegas.

Another option to get to Vegas would be by flying with Wow Air, however their flights tend to go via Iceland, but they have started to offer very low cost flights from some European countries including the UK direct to the U.S.A. However they do not offer a direct flight to McCarran Airport in Vegas so you will have to land in San Francisco for example then get a flight from there to Vegas, which takes less than an hour.

Keep in mind though that airlines such as Norwegian and Wow Air do charge extra for a range of different things such as in-flight meals and luggage, however if you are prepared to travel light and not purchase food or drinks onboard but take food and drinks onto the plane having bought them elsewhere you really can get to Vegas for a greatly reduced cost when compared to using some of the major airlines!