How Pick and Match Bonus Games Trigger and Play

There are two main types of pick and match bonus games that you can trigger on some slot machines. The first type of bonus game will simply see you picking off locations on a bonus game screen, and by doing so you will be tasked with matching coin values to win those amounts.

However, some of those pick and match bonus games could also award a progressive jackpot instead of a coin based payout, but you will need to match a certain number of jackpot logos before you will win those jackpots.

The other type of pick and match bonus games are designed to then go on to trigger another bonus game once you have played off the picking part of the bonus game. As such you may be tasked with picking off locations on a bonus game screen and matching a set of symbols which are displayed free spins and multiplier values.

To be quite honest though you do have to take the rough with the smooth when playing such slots offering any type of pick and match bonus games. For you could spend age playing them and finally trigger the bonus game but only be awarded with a small winning payout, or a low number of free spins on the lowest multiplier value!

But there are many players that do enjoy playing such slots, and there are certainly no shortages of them in any playing environment.

The general rule of thumb for any slot player is to seek out those slots which have the best payout percentages on offer. That is often difficult to do in a land based casino as many such venues never reveal just what RTP’s their slot machines are set to return to players.

However, switch over to playing mobile slot games or online slot machines and you will often find the payout percentages every single slot on offer at such sites are displayed somewhere on the websites of those sites or somewhere on the slots themselves.

If you are interested in playing such slots then you also need to be aware that the way in which those bonus games can and will be triggered can vary for machine to machine.

Playing a slot on which a pick and match bonus game is triggered and awarded to you via a set of spun in scatter symbols will mean that it dozens matter how many paylines you play and activate the chance of you triggering that bonus game will be the same as a maximum pay line player.

But if the slot offers a bonus game triggered by bonus symbols that are required to form a combination on an activated pay line, then you will always shave a much better chance of triggering them if you play them with every pay line activated and in play.

Some slots offering such a bonus game are pre-determined in regards what you will win when you trigger the bonus game, and those slots will not show you what is hiding underneath the locations you didn’t pick off the bonus game when the bonus game has ended.

If you notice a slot which does reveal what is underneath the unpicked locations once the bonus game ends then that slot has a true bonus game, meaning the outcome is not pre-determined and it is down to luck in regards to what you win when playing off that bonus game!