How Much Free Slot Play Will a Bricks and Mortar Casino Give Me?

You are going to find that all bricks and mortar casinos are going to want you to return to their venues if you have proven in the past that you are prepared to gamble when staying there. As such you will often be showered with lots of special deals and promotional offers to tempt you to return at a later date.

Whilst you should have no difficulty getting a free room or suite if you are a regular visitor to one land based casino, what you are also going to find you get offered is something known as slot free play, if it is indeed slot machines that you prefer playing.

When you have been given any amount of free slot play it will be credited to your players card, and upon your next visit to that casino you simply need to insert your card into the slot machines you want to play and then credit as much or as little of your awarded free play credits onto that slot machine as you wish to use.

All winnings you achieve when playing off your free play credits are yours to keep, however you cannot cash out your awarded free play credits as you have to play them through just once, and as mentioned any winnings you achieve can then be cashed out, or if you prefer you can carry on playing with those real money credits.

However, it is the actual amount free play you will be awarded with that is likely to lure you into visiting a casino in the near future, but all free play deals do come with an expiry date, and as such if you do not use them in the allotted time period you will lose them!

You may be wondering just how much in free slot play a casino is going to credit you with, well that is all dependent on how much you gambled on any previous visits to the casino and also the status of your players card.

The higher your VIP status the more free slot play credits you will get, and it is quite common for a casino to offer you hundreds or even thousands of Dollars worth of free play credits, if you have proven through your previous gaming action you deserve it!

One thing worth knowing however if you fancy a change of casino is that there are a handful of casinos in Vegas that will now match your VIP status earned at another property, and as such if you have earned a good tier on a competitors players club you will get it matched by those casinos, without having to work your way up through the tiers all over again at that new casino.

As a regular player just make sure you are being well looked after by your casino host, and if not never forget that it is you and you alone that decides where you play and when you play and you do have a massive choice in regards to casinos where you can play if you do not feel you are being rewarded enough at one casino!