How Many People Win Hand Pays Each Month?

There is going to be one deciding factor in regards to just how many people will win a hand pay when playing slot machines or for that matter Keno and video poker machines in any land based casino venue, and that will be determined on just how busy those casinos are!

You are always going to find that the busier a casino is the more hand pays are paid out to players, unless of course the players in a smaller less busy casino by some fluke of luck have an amazing run of luck.

But over the long term those casinos which do have the largest number of customers venturing into them and playing will be the ones that do tend to pay out more to their customers.

Over in Laughlin, Nevada, one casino that always is proud to let you know just how much they have paid out to winning players in hand pays each month is the Aquarius Casino. Having visited and stayed at that casino resort many times, I have noticed their slot machines in particular do appear to be set with some much higher payout percentages.

In fact, on average, they pay out well over $2million each month in hand pays alone and as such if you are ever in Laughlin and fancy trying to get your name added to their list of big winners then that is certainly a casino worth visiting.

A hand pay, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is any jackpot won on any type of gaming machine that is worth over $1,200 in value, if you do win such a jackpot then the slot or gaming machine you are playing will lock up and a casino employee with then pay you out your winnings by hand.

Be aware that any jackpot won over $1200 in value by players who do live and reside in the USA are subject to taxes, however if you live in another country such as the UK or Canada for example then you will not be required to have to pay any taxes on those winnings.

One of the main attractions of playing any type of slot machine however is that you will always have a chance of winning a huge jackpot when playing in any land based slot machine, even if you are playing for some quite modest amounts.

However, the higher the coin values and stakes you play for the more likely you are to achieve winning payouts on any slot machine that becomes a hand pay.

If you play for example the Mega Bucks series of progressive jackpot slot machines, then one thing that is important to know is that if you do manage to win one of those slot games jackpots is that you will have the option of getting your full jackpot winnings paid out to you in equal annual instalments.

But you could opt to get a reduced lump sum payment instead, so you will need to think long and hard in regards to what is the best option to get paid out those slot game jackpots if you do win one of them!