How Configurable are Online and Mobile Slot Machines?

You may be about to start playing casino games online or on a mobile device for the very first time, and if so then we just know you are going to have lots of questions about how games such as slot machines can be played in those two playing environments, and whether it is worth your while doing so too!

Every possible type and category of slot machine will be found at both mobile and online casino sites, and as such do not think you are going to be limited in regards to the number and types of slots you will have access to, as you will find most casino sites will offer hundreds of different slots, many of which you will find very appealing.

The one question most first time online and mobile slot players will ask is whether the slot machines they will end up playing will be fair, and the simple answer to that question is yes!

If you play at a casino site that has not only had their slots individually certified by a third party game testing company but one that is also fully licensed and regulated, but in a country that has a reputation for having a good regulatory system in place for licensing such sites then you can rest assured the slots at that site will be fair and random.

Be wary of playing at a casino site offering you enormous bonuses for making a deposit but one that is not licensed and does not let you know where the company is located or who has supplied their games, as you will be taking risks playing at such a site, as the slot machines on offer could quite well be rigged to not pay anything out!

You will have full control over a lot of the aspects of playing your chosen slot machines online or via a casino app when you play at a reputable site.

The coin values will often be fully adjustable and you will have the ability of putting into play as many pay-lines and as many coins per line per spin as you want to play for. Some slots do offer fixed coin settings though and those slots are usually the progressive slot games!

In addition to you having full control over the coin and stake value you will also find you can set the slots to play at a pace you find appealing, as many casinos offer slot machine option settings that allow players to slow down or speed up the rate at which the reels spin and then stop according to how players want to play them.

You can also adjust the screen size of most online slot machines and also open up several slots at most casino sites and play multiple different ones simultaneously, and that is made much easier thanks to the fact most slots have and auto play setting too.

With all of the above in mind you will often find you actually get more configurable option settings available to you when playing online and mobile slots than you ever would when playing slot machines in a bricks and mortar casino venue!