How Both Ways Slot Games Play and Pay

You have probably played plenty of slot machines in your slot playing career, and most of the slots you will have come across and will have played before will have been slots on which winning combinations must form from left to right on the slot game screen.

The basic aim of when you play such slot games is that you will be hoping one of the higher paying winning combinations spin in on any of your activated pay lines, starting on reel number one and then on consecutive reels to win the associated winning payouts for that winning combination.

However, what you are also going to come across if you look hard enough are a range of slot games that have been designed as Both Ways slots, and as the name of those slot games does imply, you can form winning combinations from left to right and right to left across the screen.

What you do need to be aware of however is that some of those both Ways slots as they are known only allow you to have such a playing structure in play when you place either a bonus bet or you wager double the amount of cash per spin as you would do when playing just the left to right playing structure.

Therefore those types of Both Ways slots are going to charge you extra for the privilege of forming a winning combination from left to right or from right to left also.

With some hunting around however you will find quite a number of slot games offering that Both Ways playing structure that do not require any additional stakes or bonus bets to be placed to have that playing structure live and in play.

That means such those slots offer the best playing value and will give you double the chances of winning than when you play a standard left to right paying slot with the same number of pay lines!

Often there will be no bonus games or bonus features that can be triggered when playing any slot with a Both Ways playing structure, and that will be the case if you play some of the older styled both Ways slots available at Microgaming powered casino sites.

But always try and be on the lookout for those types of slot games offering a Both Ways playing structure and playing format that do have some form of additional bonus games or bonus feature on offer, as you will find they are much more exciting slots to play!

Playing Both Ways Slot Games Online

Whilst you are not going to find it hard to find Both Ways slot games when visiting a land based casino, what you will have the added advantage of being able to do when playing those types of slot games online, is to initially set about playing them for free and at no risk.

As such try and spend a little bit of time playing them in an online playing environment via the demo mode versions of those games as that way you can see for yourself the way in which the Both Ways playing structure will give you more chances of winning and will be able to make up your own mind as to whether you will enjoy playing them as well.

Just make sure that the slots you do play are not going to force you to have to pay any type of bonuses bets or double the stakes when playing with the Both Ways playing structure in play for if you do play such slots you may find that your bankroll will get eaten away very quickly!

Also, one strategic way to play such slots when you do set about playing them online but in a real money playing environment is by making use of the many different types of bonus offers that all online casino site shower onto their players.

Whilst no deposit bonuses will allow you to play Both Ways slots at no risk but still have a chance of winning real money credits those bonus tend to be quite small in value.

As such it will always be the deposit match type of casino bonus that are going to allow you to get plenty of bonus credits which in turn will give you more play time when playing Both Ways slot game online or for that matter any type of slot games online, so be on the lookout for such bonuses!