How Are Tipsy Turvy Slot Tournaments Structured?

There was a time, and not that long ago, when if you took part in a slot tournament you would have to hope that you achieved the highest possible score or at least finish high up on the leader-board to pick up a cash prize.

However, whilst you will of course find those types of slot tournaments available, what more and more casino venues are now offering their customers are a range of Tipsy Turvy or similarly structure slot tournaments.

The way that those slot playing competitions are structured is such that the cash prizes will be scattered throughout the leader-board, and as such whilst it is going to be the player who does manage to get the highest score when playing off his or her entry or entries who will win the most cash, players further down the leader-board will also get a chance of picking up a high valued prize.

As such, if you do come across any casino offering such a slot tournament then do consider taking your chances by entering it, for even if you do not get a huge valued score you may pick up a fairly substantial cash payout or free slot play prize if you finish much lower down on the leader-board.

There are quite a number of casinos that do offer such a slot tournament the Golden Nugget Casino over in Laughlin is one such venue and also the Stratosphere casino in Vegas offers these types of slot tournaments throughout the year too.

Keep in mind though that some of the Tipsy Turvy slot tournaments you will find available to you may need you to pay an entry fee to take part in them, however you can often find you qualify for a free entry simply for being a member of a casino players club.

In regards to whether there are going to be any special way for you to play off your entry, well there is only one way and that is for you to try and rattle through as many spins on the tournament slot you have been allocated to play as you possibly can do!

Some casinos however may give you an additional entry that will enable you to possibly increase your score if you amass enough comp points on your players card during the slot tournament event, so if you do intend to play slot machines in the more standard way and also take part in a slot tournament in any casino you are visiting then that is one way you can increase your winning chances!

Ideally try and pick out a slot tournament that offers a prize to every entrant, even if some of the prizes are lower in value than the entry fee, as that way you will at the very least get something back for your time and effort playing in the tournament slot!

The Tipsy Turvy slot tournaments that do offer lots of guaranteed prizes but are completely free to enter are always going to be the best valued ones to enter, but do be quick registering to take part in them as the available places often fill up rapidly one the registration process opens!