Hit Rates of the Major Millions Progressive Slot

You have a choice of three different versions of the Major Millions progressive slot game that has been designed and launched by Microgaming. All three versions of that slot however do share the same progressive jackpot, so your chances of winning it are the same no matter which one of them you play.

The original version of that slot is the 3 reeled, 3 pay line slot on which the coin values are fixed at 1.00 and a maximum 3 coin wager needs to be placed to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot, which by the way is awarded for 3 Major Millions logo symbols lining up on pay line number three.

The second slot Microgaming launched in the Major Millions series was a 15 pay line video slot, that slot has fixed coin values of 0.20 and you can only play one coin on each payline. You can however put into play as many of the lines as you like.

But as the progressive jackpot is won via 5 logo symbols spinning in and landing on the fifteenth payline then you will be best advised to play maximum line spins when playing it, or you will have no chance of winning the progressive jackpot what so ever!

The third version is the Mega Spin Major Millions slot, that slot is simply a game on which you can play off up to six three reel versions of the slot on each spin, so when playing maximum coin spins and having all six of the slots in live play a maximum bet spins will cost you 18.00 in total!

The jackpots that the Major Millions slot awards to players are usually fairly substantial, with the average jackpot being won being valued at some £660,686, and on average it takes around 16 days for the jackpot to be won.

Being one of Microgaming’s multi-currency progressive slot games you are not obliged to have to play this slot in GBP which for reference is its base currency. But when playing it in any other currency the jackpot and all winning payouts spun in will be awarded to you in the currency you are playing the slot with.

As the chances of a player winning the jackpot in another currency other than GBP are high, if a player does win the progressive in for example Euros, then the difference in regards to the currency exchange rate of GBP and EUR will be added back into the jackpot pool once it has been won and has reset back to its seed value.

Just be aware and keep in mind this is one of the more expensive progressive slots you can play online, due to the fact that each version of the Major Millions slot does require a stake of 3.00 for you to get a chance of winning the progressive jackpot. So if you are a fairly low stake player then consider playing some of Microgaming’s other progressive slots offering much lower staking options instead!