High Proportion of Online Slot Players Have Had Winnings Voided

A recent study into online slot and casino game players found that a huge percentage of players have had, at one time or another, their winnings voided by casino sites due to problems surrounding the use of bonus credits.

One of the problems for many first time players who do switch over to playing online slot games in a real money playing environment is that they are blissfully unaware of how bonus credits work and how they are obliged to make use of those credits.

With casinos being advertised online, on TV and on radio and also with many gambling companies sponsoring many football and other sports teams across the globe, a first time player will often be tempted to make use of for example a deposit match bonus, but having never played online before many will be unsure that those bonus credits awarded will come with a plethora of terms and conditions.

As such a player will make an initial deposit into a casino site and will then claim the respective bonus but will start to play the slot machines or casino games they want to play and for stake levels of their own choosing. They will then go on to make a withdrawal if they win, only to find their winnings are voided due to them breaking a bonus play rule or one of the terms and conditions they did not know existed.

The annoying aspect for those players of having their winnings voided, is that when they signed up to the casino site they would have ticked a box to show their agreement to the terms and conditions of that site, and as such they do not have a leg to stand on if they did fall foul of a term or condition relating the use of bonus credits that they didn’t know about, but was written into the terms and conditions of that site.

It is with that in mind if you are new to the online or mobile slot and/or casino game playing environment and you have been tempted to sign up to a casino site and to make a deposit into that site to claim a bonus then you need to be aware of the fact you stand a very real risk of losing any winnings you achieve if you do not follow all of the terms and conditions laid out at that site!

When you do fancy gambling in any shape or for online, the last thing you will want to do is to read through pages and pages of terms and conditions, however if you fail to do so then you too run the risk of having your winnings voided.

Our advice in regards to anyone who does want to play slot machines for real money online is to stick to only signing up to and playing at casinos that are fully licensed and regulated in your own home country of residence, and always, without exception, read through the entire set of terms and conditions too or risk running into difficulties!