Fixed Lines

As part of our range of articles that are dedicated to slot machine playing structures in this article we are taking a look at the pros and cons of playing Fixed Pay-Line slots.

When you do come across any type of slot machine that offers you a fixed pay-line playing structure you have no other option than playing every single pay-line the slot machine has on offer, so in regards to the minimum stake you are going to have to multiply the number of lines by the coin value you have selected.

So when playing for example a 20 fixed line slot on coin values set at 0.01 you will find the minimum stake per spin is 0.20, in whatever currency you have chosen. However, with most fixed line slots having been designed as multi-denomination slots and also slots on which you can wager more than one coin per line you can increase the stakes you play for.

The most obvious advantage of playing fixed line slots is that you are going to never miss out on any winning combination spinning in, however it can also be the bonus features and bonus games that are also on offer on these types of slot machines that make them very playable and potentially high paying too.

If you are interested in testing out such a slot be aware that you are going to always be able to play them for free and at no risk if you play them on a mobile device or at an online casino, as those types of casino sites have demo mode versions of every single slot they have on offer, and that is a good way to get a feel for the way they have been designed and the way they all play and pay.

The bonus features and bonus games that a fixed line slot can award from time to time will of course vary depending on just which slot machines you are playing.

However, you will find free spins bonus games are available on such slots, and as you will have every single line in live play not only during the base game but during the bonus game you do get more chances of winning when playing such slots, when compared to you playing an optional pay-line slot with only a small number of the available lines in live play.

These types of slot machines can also have special wild symbols too such as stacked wild symbols or even expanding wild symbols, and when those symbols do spin in and cover multiple reels in wild symbols you could win big, even when playing for a relatively low stake amount.

Do consider giving some of these types of slots some play time if and when you do come across them, but always keep in mind the stake levels you are playing for, as they can become very expensive slots to play if you set the stake levels too high based on your available bankroll!