Find Out which Games OS Slots Come With the Highest RTP´s

You will be going on a learning curve when you start playing slot machines online via your computer, for there are now so many different slot game design companies supplying the slots to all online casino sites you will come across plenty of them you will never have heard of before.

That is going to be the case when you play at casinos offering the Games OS range of slot games, and this relatively new slot game designer has some quite playable and potentially very high paying slot machines on offer, the like of which you will not have played before.

However, if you are unfamiliar with playing certain slot games, you will be unaware of the all important payout percentages that such slots have been designed to return to players and with that in mind we have an overview below of their current crop of video slots and will be revealing to you their respective RTP´s.

Keep in mind that the average RTP of most slots is 96.00% and as such as a slot player you should always be playing only those slots with payout percentages over that figure, to get more play time and more winning opportunities too!

Ok, let is kick off by introducing you to the Aztec Slots game, this is currently their one slot you should definitely be playing and the reason is that is comes with a long term expected payout percentage of 96.90%, which compared to their other slots is high!

The Chinese themed slot that goes by the name of the China Mega Wild slot is another fairly high paying slot by Games OS standards for that slot which does come with a multi-stake playing structure is a slot which boasts a payout percentage of some 96.3%

With a payout percentage of 96.20% you should get a fair bit of play time if you decide to play the Spin the World slot, whether you will like the way this slot machine has been designed, will of course be up to your own tastes, but we didn’t find anything that put us off playing it.

Two other slots worthy of a mentioned include the Olympic Slots slot and the Freaky Fruits slot the former has a payout percentage of 96.10% and the latter has a certified RTP of 96.00%.

If you are seeking out slots that do give you a fair amount of play time and always give you a chance of winning big then any of the slots armed above should do that, however the majority of the other slots from Games OS have RTP´s lower than 96.00% which is out book makes them not worth playing.

However, if you do get the urge to play some other slots the next best paying slots, all of which for reference have RTP´s of 95.80% include the Farm Slot, the Freaky Bandits and also the Party Night slot. Just make sure if those slots are playing cold you stop playing them and start playing some of the other higher paying ones!