Earn Up To $100 Each For You And Your Buddy

DraftKings Refer A Friend

The time between just before Christmas is always busy. And one of the main things keeping a lot of us occupied is celebrating relationships in lots of different ways. That could be buying gifts, writing cards or just spending time together. And that’s why we think it’s the perfect time to spread the love with the DraftKings Refer A Friend Offer.

Before we really get into the details of this promotion, let’s all take a minute to think about the friends we’re closest to. Really appreciate them for everything they give you in life. The laughter, the strength, the support, the companionship.

And now up to $100 in free bets too. Friendship truly is a beautiful thing.

What is the DraftKings Refer A Friend Offer?

The DraftKings Refer A Friend offer is a promotion running from now until 2 January 2020. Even though that might look like it’s far in the distant future, it’s in fact just a few weeks away!

This promotion gives you the chance to earn up to $100 in free bets and for your friend to do the same.

So not only will you be sharing the joy of DraftKings, you’ll also be getting back some of that joy in return.

What can I earn from DraftKings Refer A Friend?

Like we said before, you earn free bets with DraftKings Refer A Friend. But just how much you and your friend earns depends on how much that friend of your deposits

Here’s the breakdown:

  • $25 to $49 first deposit from your friend and you both get $25 in free bets each
  • $50 to $99 first deposit from your friend and you both get $50 in free bets each
  • $100 or above first deposit from your friend and you both get $100 in free bets each

How do I take part?

All you have to do to take part is invite someone who has never set up a DraftKings account. So that means they have no DraftKings DFS site and they’re not signed up in a different state.

And, of course, they have to be over 21 years of age and physically located within the state borders of Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia or New Jersey.

Simply share your personal referral link with your friend and maybe give them a subtle hint to deposit on DraftKings Sportsbook. And make sure it’s a minimum of $25 or else you two don’t get anything in return.

This is a very generous offer and what makes it even more generous is that you can refer up to 10 friends and profit from each one of them. So you better get working on your list of 10 favourite gambling loving friends now…

What happens once I get my free bets?

The free bets both you and your friend receive as part of this promotion have a 30 day expiry. So just remember to use them within that time period or else they will expire.

And just to let you know, the free bet amount isn’t included in any returns or winnings you get from the bet you make. They’re also not transferable, refundable and can’t be swapped for real money.