DraftKings CO Betting Pools Are Available Now

DraftKings Betting Pools

The DraftKings CO Online Sportsbook is set to go live on May 1st when the new Colorado sports betting market officially opens up. This is despite the fact that most sports aren’t even playing games right now.

But the games will return, hopefully sooner rather than later. For now, there are plenty of futures that sports bettors can place wagers on. In addition, some obscure sports and leagues (table tennis, Belarus soccer) are still playing games, so that is an option available to you.

Another option for DraftKings sports bettors in Colorado are DraftKings CO Betting Pools. In fact, these Betting Pools are even available to DraftKings users before the official launch with free Colorado themed Betting Pools to keep users busy until the launch day.

So what are DraftKings CO Betting Pools and how do they work?

DraftKings CO Betting Pools Basics

If you have ever participated in an office pool, chances are you will be familiar with at least some types of DraftKings CO Betting Pools. Unlike placing a wager in a sportsbook where your bet is essentially against the house, with DraftKings Pools, you are competing against other users.

In simple terms, you enter the pool against other users (or family, friends, co-workers) and if your submission is among the best of the pool of entries, you will win the designated prize. Given the fact that the pools are played with other users, they are more interactive and a much more social way of betting on sports.

What type of DraftKings Pools are available?

Pick’em Pools are the most popular form of DraftKings Pools. In these types of pools, you make a series of selections and if yours come out on top, you win the prize. A common type of Pick’em Pool is on NFL weekly winners, where each week you will pick who you think will win each game. There are also pick’em pools available for “Against the Spread,” “Single games,” and “3 way” and more.

In addition, to Pick’em Pools, DraftKings also offers these types of pools:

  • Squares
  • Brackets
  • Survivors
  • and more

Prize structures will vary based on the Pool you enter but generally fall into three categories: guaranteed with a fixed prize pool or number of entries, pari-mutual with rollers and pari-mutual guaranteed pools. In the case of pair-mutual pools, those feature growing prize pools.

How to get started in a DraftKings Pool?

The DraftKings Online Sportsbook is available in only a handful of states. But even a smaller percentage of those states also offer pools, such as New Jersey and Colorado.

If you are from a state that allows betting pools, you can sign-up for an account here. From there you can find “Pools” within the DraftKings sportsbook website or app. You can enter any of the many pools that DraftKings has created, or, alternatively, you can create a pool that you can play with friends, family, co-workers or acquaintances.

Have fun, and while you are at the DraftKings Sportsbook, don’t forget about the first deposit bonus. New users are given the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in free bonuses when signing up, including a risk-free bet up to $500 and a 20% up to $500 deposit bonus.