Jackpot! Why We’re Super Excited About What This Game Represents

Divine Fortune

We don’t want to say we told you so, but… WE TOLD YOU SO. Yes, dear reader, the clever people at Slots Call towers saw this particular development coming a mile off. PlaySugarHouse PA have added their first progressive jackpot slot to their roster of games in the form of Divine Fortune.

Are you thinking: so what, what’s the big deal? Sites add new games all the time. Well that might be true. But this game is different. It represents the introduction of a serious prize-generating machine and a slot type previously unavailable at the Keystone State site.

So we’re rejoicing not only because Divine Fortune is a great game, but because we think it’s just the first in a long line of progressive slot additions to PlaySugarHouse PA. And as evidenced by our last prediction paying off, we’ve got the feeling that this one will come up trumps too.

Wait, wait, wait! I’m not signed up to PlaySugarHouse PA yet!

Chill OUT. There’s a simple remedy for that particular quandary. It’s easy to sign up and play. But before you do, make sure you sign up in the smartest way possible.

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Just remember that the only people who can play Divine Fortune and any other game at PlaySugarHouse PA are those located within the state borders of Pennsylvania.

Tell me more about Divine Fortune

This is an Ancient Greek slot designed by NetEnt. So you know it’s going to be good. History buffs will love the nods to the ancient world, while mythology geeks will adore the presence of weird and wonderful creatures. What about us? Well we’re in it for the treasures…

We can’t keep from telling you about the progressive jackpot any longer. We’ve been monitoring it for the last few weeks and it’s slowly bubbling up. It currently stands at a whopping $143,216.98. And rising. Imagine triggering that prize pool…

You can spin the reels of this game from as little as $0.20 and it’s medium variance. When you fire up Divine Fortune, you’ll find 20 paylines, five reels and three rows.

But that’s not all you’ll find. We’re talking re-spins, free spins and all manner of wilds action. Wild-on-wild, substituting and falling. Divine Fortune has it all.

Even if you don’t trigger the progressive jackpot, you still stand to win up to 600x your stake in this game.

Why are progressive jackpots a big deal?

Sometimes we forget that not everyone is experienced in the field of progressive jackpots. We’ve played more than our fair share. So for anyone not in the know, here’s what you need to get as excited as we are about the introduction of Divine Fortune to PlaySugarHouse PA.

  • Every time you spin the reels on a progressive slot, a small percentage of your wager goes towards the jackpot total
  • Progressive jackpots have no cap, so they can get extraordinarily meaty before they’re triggered
  • Typically, they’re triggered at random. That means anyone can win
  • Most progressives have a minimum jackpot amount, so whenever you hit the big time you’ll get a tidy sum to take home with you