Cryptologic Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages

Sadly Cryptologic in their original incarnation are no more, for they recently sold their entire operation to another company, however the new owners have chosen to continue offering their range of slots to players and as such you will still find plenty of those original slots available at a number of casino sites.

One thing that Cryptologic offered was their range of slot machines and casino games on both a downloadable and instant play gaming platform, however it was decided shortly before they sold their operation that they would cease operating their slots via a downloadable gaming platform, and that has enabled their instant play slots to be made available to other casino sites offering multiple different suppliers games.

With that in mind you will find plenty of sites offering their slots and to give you in indication of just how high paying some of them can and will be we have listed below several different slots all of which have slightly higher than average payout percentages.

The best paying slot is the Rags to Riches slot for that slot has a very generous payout percentage that being 98.00% and as such if and when you do come across that slot game online it is going to be worth playing due to the high RTP!

The Just Vegas slot as its name does suggest is a slot game which comes with a very obvious Las Vegas them, it is a fully configurable slot game and as such you can play it for low or high stake amounts, and you are probably wondering just how high its RTP is and the figure is 96.50%.

A slot boasting a long term RTP of exactly 96.00% is the Noughty Crosses slot, much like all other Cryptologic slot you will find it does come with its own unique theme and its own set of unique reel symbols and pay table and as such it may be worth tracking down and playing.

You may enjoy the look and feel of the Samba Nights slot and if so then you may also find it can be a quite high paying slot, however you will of course need to be aware of just what its payout percentage is to enable you to make an informed decision on whether to play it or not and that RTP for reference is 95.50%.

One of the latest slot machines that Cryptologic designed before they were bought out was the Savannah Sunrise slot which is a multi-stake video slot quite a lot of players do enjoy playing and the payout percentage of this slot game is 95.40%.

There will often come a time when you are attracted to playing Egyptian themed slots, and there are certainly no shortages of them for that is one of the most common slot game themes, as such if you fancy playing a Cryptologic designed slot which does boast such a theme then look out for their Cleo Queen of Egypt slot that has a fully verified payout percentage of 95.3%!