Get Up To $100 Instant Cashback Today In This Spooky Promotion

Cats Hats & Bats Wednesday

The cobwebs are creeping their way all across our front yards. We cannot move for pumpkins cropping up around every doorway. The nights are alive with the sound of far away cackling. Firework bangs disrupt cosy nights in. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner. But more importantly, it’s Cats Hats & Bats Wednesday.

What is Cats Hats & Bats Wednesday?

Cats Hats & Bats Wednesday is a promotion at Pennsylvania iLottery. This is a cashback promotion, giving you the chance to earn up to $100 in cashback.

It’s underway now, but as the name suggests, it’s only open on Wednesdays. Check your calendar, that means today. It’s running until 23:59 ET this evening. So you have until the clock strikes (almost) midnight to earn as much cashback as you can.

What do I need to do to qualify?

Getting your cashback is very straightforward. Unlike similar promotions, this isn’t based on your losses. It simply rewards you for how much you play. Or more specifically, how much you spend while you’re playing.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the My Bonuses page
  • Hit Claim to opt in for Cats Hats & Bats Wednesday
  • Play Cats Hats & Bats
  • For every $50 you wager playing that particular game, you get $5 cashback

The maximum amount of cashback you can get is $100, which means that you’d need to wager a total of $1,000 playing Cats Hats & Bats.

The minimum amount of cashback you can get is $5. So in order to get anything from this promotion, you have to aim to spend a minimum of $50.

And all of your wagers must be in real money to qualify for this promotion. That means any wagers you place using Bonus Money don’t count towards your cashback earning potential.

What happens if I earn cashback?

If you earn cashback as part of the Cats Hats & Bats promotion, it will be instantly credited to your account after the promotion ends. And what makes this promotion all the better is that it’s credited in the form of cash. It’s not Bonus Money. That means you can withdraw it straight away if you so choose!

Why should I play Cats Hats & Bats?

Well the major reason you should be playing Cats Hats & Bats is definitely the Cats Hats & Bats promotion. Who wouldn’t want to earn up to $100 in cashback as part of their next gaming session?

The other reason is that it’s definitely seasonal. This new PA iLottery game will get you in the mood for Hallowe’en within minutes of starting your session. That’s because it’s packed with spooky iconography. Think pumpkins, black cats, bats and more, all set inside a creepy haunted mansion.

It’s so much fun to play a game like this, especially at this time of year. We’re delighted that this promotion gives us an even bigger push to get into the Hallowe’en spirit.

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PA iLottery players must be physically located within the borders of Pennsylvania to play on the casino’s site or mobile app. They also must be at least 18 years of age to sign up and play. Other terms and conditions apply.