Casino Etiquette Has All But Gone These Days!

They do say you should never look back and only ever look forward, however it is very true to say that there are some aspects of life that you can long for a return of, such as the days when people used to make an effort to visit, and also knew how to behave in a casino, and were aware of the unwritten rules of casino etiquette.

Do you remember the days when a trip to a local casino, (and I am not particularly thinking of Vegas based casinos, as those venues always attract every element of life), was something that you looked forward to, would plan and you would also make something of an effort in your appearance when going to such a venue?

It would appear however that those days have certainly long gone, for with you now being able to wander into most casinos and off the street without any real effort, and with standards sadly slipping in such venues, you could, no in fact you will meet people from all walks of life and with some very strange habits.

Whilst that is not particular a bad thing, it is when people do not remember or have never been taught how to behave in such a venue they can really get on, for want of a better expression, your tits!

Take the imbeciles who seem to think they have every right in the world to play a bank of slot machines, now if you are a player who does like to play more than one slot then that is all fine and dandy, but when you play several machines, load them up with credits then set them all to play on auto play for stakes of one cent a spin, then you are going to make my blood boil.

Much more so if some of those slot machines they are hogging are the ones I want to play. I have experienced some such players at a casino nearby where I often stay in Spain. The casino has a special jackpot that is randomly selected by a computer and that computer will pick out a slot machine being played for any stake and at a random time and the winner will win 500 or 1000 Euros, again randomly selected by the computer.

However, that has led to a number of players hogging banks of machines of which there are not that many in the casino, and playing them for one cent per spin with the auto play engaged in the hope they are selected to win the cash prize on offer.

If I was in charge of the casino I would either stipulate one machine per player or make it a rule that only maximum stake players can win the randomly awarded cash prize as that would certainly put off the players hogging those machines.

Also you will find players who will load up a machine with just a couple of credits and then will reserve that machine with a reserved sign or by putting the chair up against the slot machine and then wander off.

Obviously if that player is nipping to the toilet or taking a phone call for example that is fine, however I have seen players reserving a machine in such a way then walking off and playing another one. That type of behaviour needs addressing, for no one likes people hogging machines in that way, much more so, as I have seen, that annoying player eventually returns to the machines they reserved cashes out their few credits and then walks off! GET A LIFE!