The Way That Both Ways Slots Operate

Value, plenty of spins for your money and plenty of winning opportunities too is what every single slot machine player should be looking for, and it is with that in mind we would like to introduce you to a type of slot that will be offering you all three of those things!

Those slot machines are Both Ways slots, and when playing this category of slot you will be able to form a winning combination in the usual way, that being from left to right across the screen on any of your activated pay-lines, but also the other way around!

Therefore if you line up enough matching reel symbols on any pay-line you do have in play from right to left or left to right then you will have formed a winning combination.

There are a couple of things you will need to be aware of when playing such a slot, and that is some of them will not charge you anything extra for giving you a Both Ways playing structure, so if you are playing for example a 15 pay-line Both Ways slot you will only be required to pay 15 coins as the minimum stake to have 30 ways to win.

However, some slot machines will require you to pay an additional set of coins to have that playing structure in play. Therefore to get double the chances of winning at no additional cosy when playing any of these types of slots you should be looking for those that do not require you to pay anything extra to have the Both Ways playing structure in live play.

Both Ways slot machines have been around for many years now, and some of those available in the online playing environment are quite basic in their design. Microgaming who are an online and mobile slot and casino game designer and also a supplier of the gaming platforms that many casino sites utilize offer a range of 5 pay-line Both Ways slots.

As you are going to have to wager 5 coins per spin when playing all five of those slots pay-lines to have ten ways to form a winning combination they are very cost effective slots to play, but they do not offer any type of bonus features or bonus games so they are not overly exciting slots to play!

However, some of the more recently launched slot machines not only from Microgaming but from most other slot machines designers come packed with not only base game features but bonus games too, so those will be the slots you will need to track down to have something of a more entertaining Both Ways slot playing experience.

One thing you may be wondering is what happens when you spin in a five of a kind winning combination playing such a slot, well when you do you will get paid out the winning payout twice, as you will have formed that five of a kind winning combination from left to right and right to left too!