Shine Bright Like A Diamond With This Loyalty Programme

Earn Diamonds For BGO Loyalty Store

BGO are always so busy launching awesome promotions that sometimes we forget to cover the bread-and-butter stuff at this excellent online casino. So, unless you’re already a member of BGO Casino, you might not know about Loyalty Store.

To make up for our oversight, we’re going to dedicate this whole post to tell you all about what great stuff you can get as part of Loyalty Store.

What is Loyalty Store?

Loyalty Store is a BGO loyalty programme. It rewards players for simply playing the games they love.

The nice thing about this is the variety. You can choose from lots of different types of rewards, including:

  • Free spins
  • Real money
  • Tournament entries

And although not launched just yet, Golden Chips will soon be making an appearance in the Loyalty Store.

How can I redeem those rewards from the Loyalty Store?

The Loyalty Store currency is Diamonds. You can earn this sparkly currency by simply playing the games you love. Just keep in mind that you earn Diamonds at different rates, depending on the game you play.

Here’s what you can expect to earn:

  • 1 Diamond for every £10 you wager playing slots
  • 0.1 of a Diamond for every £10 you wager playing table games (for example blackjack or roulette)

That’s good news for slots lovers, right?

Once you’ve earned enough Diamonds to claim a prize, simply go to the Loyalty Store and select what you fancy.

When are my Diamonds credited to my account?

All Diamonds are credited to your account by 12:00 GMT the day after you earn them. So for example, if you wager £30 playing slots on a Monday, you’ll get your 3 Diamonds into your account by 12:00 GMT on Tuesday.

Do Diamonds have an expiry?

Unfortunately, in this case Diamonds are not forever.

If you don’t use them, they’ll expire within 30 days. Our advice to you is to spend them as soon as you can. If you hoard them, you might be victim to expiration dates.

Are there any limits to what I can claim in the Loyalty Store?

As a matter of fact, there are. You can only grab one Free Spins bundle from the Loyalty Store each day. So if you want more, remind yourself to head back tomorrow to get your extra spins.

Are Diamonds the same as Stars?

Good for you for remembering times gone by! Stars were the original BGO loyalty scheme currency, but they’ve now been completely replaced by Diamonds. If you had Stars in your account, they’re expired by now and should no longer be showing up.

Anything else I should know?

As you might imagine, Diamonds don’t have any real-money value. You can only use them to get stuff in the Loyalty Store or to enter tournaments.

Does this have anything to do with The Vault?

Kind of. The Vault is another loyalty programme at BGO Casino. The main difference with The Vault is you can’t choose the reward you get. That’s because there is no currency. There’s simply a progress bar that fills up as you play games at BGO.

However, you can take advantage of both loyalty schemes at the same time, so we’re pretty happy about that.

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