Plan Your Own Last-Minute Las Vegas NYE Party

New Year’s Eve spells PARTY for almost everyone in the world. Sure, there are some people who try to ignore it. And to be honest, sometimes we’re happy enough to let the madness pass us by. But it’s really fun to hear about spectacular party plans.

And the party in the City of Sin is hands down the best on the planet at New Years. So join us in exploring all the insane things happening in Las Vegas this year. And follow our guide on how you can recreate a little of that magic at home.

80,000 fireworks

No, that wasn’t a typo. This New Year’s Eve, there’s going to be 80,000 fireworks set off in an impressive display that will last just over eight minutes.

The coordinated display will involve fireworks being set off from the rooftops of seven of the most iconic casinos in the world. MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, The Venetian, Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower, Treasure Island and ARIA Resort & Casino.

Revellers will be watching the spectacle from a number of different places, from swanky rooftop bars to squished together on the strip to pedestrian bridges and car parks in the surrounding area.

Street party with world famous musicians

The Freemont Street party is one of the most iconic places to spend New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Tonight there’ll be an awesome show headlined by The Killers. A humongous digital screen is going to show the Times Square ball dropping live and acrobats, pyrotechnic displays and many more surprises are going to delight all who attend.

Your guide to a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve in your own home

There isn’t much time left to plan this, so read this quick and get going with your awesome New Year’s Eve!

Call your friends

New Year’s Eve is always more fun with a few friends. So even if you haven’t made any plans yet, create a WhatsApp group and find out if you have any pals looking for a good time.

And if you’re already planning on going out, why not have them over to yours first for a bit of pre-night out cheer?

Get some luxe refreshments

These do not need to cost a packet or take you ages to prepare to make it look like you’ve made an effort. Here are some no-brainers to keep everyone happy:

  • Ready-made party food from your local supermarket. Check the discounted aisle and the freezer too
  • Bags of posh crisps from Aldi or Lidl. Once they’re in the bowl no one will be able to tell they’re not a name-brand
  • Check your supermarket’s baking aisle and see if they have little silver balls or edible glitter. If they do, make a few dark chocolate Rice Krispie buns and whack some on. It’ll make it look very festive
  • Bottles of fizz and some raspberries and strawberries. It doesn’t matter how cheap the bottle of bubbly is, when you have berries in there it looks posh

Decorate like a pro

Right about now, all of the pound shops and dollar stores around the world are discounting their New Year’s Eve and Christmas decorations. Head to your nearest one and grab some bunting, cocktail umbrellas and party hats. If you’d prefer something you can reuse, buy some baubles and tie them on to a length of string. Then you can pop it up anywhere and use it again next year.

And don’t forget the sparklers! They’re essential!

Dress the part

Ask everyone to go a little fancier than they usually would. It’ll make the whole night feel a lot more festive. And why not don a suit or a cocktail dress yourself, to transform into the host/hostess with the most/mostess?

Play the game

If you’re based in the UK, head to your local John Lewis to see if they’ve still got their novelty casino night sets. They might not be super good quality, but it’ll be all you need to have a lighthearted flutter over the course of the night.

If you can’t get your hand on a casino set, grab a deck of cards and do a DIY blackjack job or maybe even play a quick game of poker.

We’re also a big fan of playing dice on New Year’s Eve (highest number wins, if two or more people get the same number, they’ve got to buy in and roll again).

Practice makes perfect

But listen to get yourself really in the mood for it and to see how the pros manage the games, we’d suggest firing up the Live Casino on Bet365 before you host your New Year’s Eve Las Vegas style night.

Play a few games with real-life croupiers and dealers and you will see what you need to do to pull off your Las Vegas party.

And if you haven’t played at Bet365 yet, make sure you sign up using our exclusive bonus code and get the very best New Year’s Eve welcome package.

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