Best Way to Divide Up Your Slot Machine Playing Bankroll to Last Several Days

If you are heading to places such as Vegas or any part of the world and a major part of your vacation is going to be dedicated to playing slot machines, then one important thing you will need to factor into that trip is your slot playing bankroll.

You will need that bankroll to both last as long as you possibly can make it last and also make it work for you! By work for you we mean ensure your gaming action is being heavily rewarded by the casino or casinos you choose to play at!

In regards to getting the best rewards for your real money slot playing action, you will need to spend a little time comparing the casino players clubs if you are not already a high tier member of one of them and then select a casino offering you the best rewards such as cash, free slot play and free food, accommodation and other little extras.

Once you have found a casino venue at which to do the majority of your gambling at then you need to set about dividing up your bankroll to ensure it lasts for the duration of your vacation.

Obviously you should divide it up into the number of days you are staying, and as such if you have set aside $1000 for a four day vacation then you will have $250 as your daily slot playing budget.

You should then try and pick out the slot machines to play that are going to allow you to have a fair amount of play time from your bankroll.

Most slot players are going to be more than happy with playing slot machines for 4 hours a day in land based bricks and mortar casinos, as that will then give them their slot playing fix for the day and will allow them to do something else with their time when away from the casino gaming floors.

On average and if you pace yourself you can expect to play off around 700 slot spins per hour, and as such you will get, over a 4 hour session around 2800 spins, however as you will be playing off the occasional bonus game and bonus feature, could be distracted by a cocktail waitress or spending time swapping slot machines and inserting money, collecting cash out tickets etc let’s say that will drop down to 2500 spins per four hour session.

Therefore you will need to ensure you have enough in your gambling bankroll to last on average 2500 spins, taking into account the payout percentages and therefore the winning payouts you are going to achieve when playing.

With that in mind for each $250 in your bankroll with the aim of hopefully getting 4 hours worth of play out of that bankroll but with the minimum of risk you should look for a slot offering a low number of pay-lines, say 10 of them, and play for one penny per line per spin, so for a stake of $0.10.

If all goes to plan your 2500 spins will cost you $250 of which the winning payouts based on a slot offering an RTP of 94% will be $235, meaning you will have only lost on average $15 on each four hour session! However, that is based on you achieving the average RTP on each 4 hour session, but not many players want to play for such a small stake amount.

Therefore you will be best advised to select a stake and range of slot machines you fancy playing and will enjoy playing, and simply hoping for the best when you play off each spin, however if you play for too high a stake you may blow your bankroll too quickly, but you could also win big, which is what every slot playing is aiming to do!

Just make sure you do not dip into the following days bankroll if you run out on any one day of your trip, as that could result in you having no cash to play with the following day!