Best Rabcat Slots with the Highest Payout Percentages

Rabcat are yet another slot game designer whose games you are likely to come across if you start playing slot machines online. Much like any other game providers they do have a fair number of slots on offer all of which come with different themes, different variance and of course different payout percentages too.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that if you do intend to play slots anywhere and in any playing environment, and you play regularly, then it should be the highest paying slots you should make a beeline to play, and by higher paying we do of course mean the slots with the highest possible RTP’s.

One thing to point out before be pass onto you the names of the Rabcat slots that come with the highest payout percentages is that you will be able to sample playing any of the following slots online for free before you play them for real money, and you will of course have plenty of different coin and stake settings so you will be able to play them for affordable stakes when playing with your own hard earned money!

The slot which when we were putting together this guide came with the highest payout percentage was the Castle Builder slot and that payout percentage for reference is 96.50%.

Plenty of fun and winning opportunities are on offer on many of the growing number of Rabcat slot games, however as the Frozen Diamonds slot is their second highest paying slot, in fact is it their joint first top paying slot with the above slot as you will find it plays and pays much like all other slots which has been set with a mid ranged RTP which is of course 96.50%.

Make sure you do always check the pay tables of any Rabcat slots you do like the look of for by doing so you will discover just what, if any bonus games and bonus features are attached to such slots and any additional unique wild symbols too. The Forsaken Kingdom is another slot you may enjoy playing and its RTP is 96.3%.

We usually draw the line at slot games to showcase to our website visitors that have payout percentages of lower than 96.00% and as such two slots which do have that long term expected payout percentages of 96.00% and the Dragon’s Myth Rabcat slot and the unusually designed and structured River of Riches slot.

Both the Scary Friends slot and also their Legend of Olympus slot share the same long term RTP which for reference is 95.50%, however be aware that the base game, themes and pay table listed winning payouts are very different on each of those two slots!

As you have just found out the RTP’s on Rabcat designed slots are not what you could or would call generous or awe-inspiring, there is another slot you may fancy playing which is the Penguin Splash slot which has been designed with a long term expected payout of 95.00%.