Bagging a Suite for Free or for Next to Nothing

A trip to Vegas is every slot players dream. However, you are going to have to spend quite a bit of cash getting there, booking a hotel room and also in regards to dining out and entertaining yourself when you are not sat in front of the thousands of slot machines that are available.

When it comes to hotel and casino resorts you really are spoilt for choice, however with resort fees now being common place the initial cost of a room or suite can be doubled at least once you have taken into account those resort fees.

As such you should learn to become something of a savvy shopper in regards to selecting just where to stay, for you could save yourself a small fortune by doing so.

Most people will book their flights and accommodate from one company, for if you do decide to bundle your flight and room together in such a way you can save around 20 to 50 percent by doing so rather than booking them separately.

However, if you have visited Las Vegas before and have gambled whilst being a member of any casinos Players Club then you will always be sent out special promotional offers that could see you being able to get your room for free or if you are a player who does play slot machines a lot when in Vegas, and you may also find yourself being offered a free suite instead of a standard hotel room.

If you do not have the bankroll available to secure yourself a free suite in that way at any of the resorts on the Strip do keep in mind that those properties located off-Strip and in the Downtown area of Vegas do cater for much lower stake players.

We would suggest you try and concentrate all of your gaming action at just one casino for that way you will soon rise up through the ranks of the Players Club at any casino venue and by doing so that is how you are going to be showered with lots of additional extras include free room and suite upgrades.

Many people have discovered the $20 trick as it is called, that is when you slip the casino employee on the reception desk when you are checking in a $20 note in the hope that your generosity is going to see them upgrading your room or in some cases upgrading you to a suite.

However, the results of that $20 trick can vary from casino to casino and there are no guarantees you will get an upgraded room. The only way you are going to bag yourself a free suite for one or more nights is by your gaming action at the slot machines, video poker machines or at any of the card or table games.

However, if you do feel your gaming action has gone unnoticed it will be worth having a chat with a casino host, as he or she is always going to be the best person to hopefully reward your gambling action with lots of additional extras, which can and often does include free suites or very heavily reduced room and suite rates.