Backward Engineering a Slot Machines RNG

At the heart of every single slot machine you are going to be able to play, in absolutely any type of playing environment you will find a random number generator. The task of that device is to simply churn out a constant stream of unpredictable numbers that are used to ultimately determine the outcome of each spin of any slot machines reels you play off.

The way in which any slot machine has been designed is that it will be at the point in time when you click or tap onto the spin button that the current randomly selected number will be the one used by that slot machine, and that number will then be turned into a winning or losing outcome on the slot games reels and pay lines.

That system have been a foolproof way of ensuring all slot machines are completely random, whilst also ensuring through the design of the reel strip layouts on each slot machine, that the long term expected payout percentage the slot has been designed to payout is going to be achieved eventually.

However, as amazing and as unbelievable as it may seem a team of slot cheats have been able to backward engineer some slot machines random number generators, and the way some slot machines have been designed to work and operate, in such a way that after having played off a series of base game spins they can then, with almost pinpoint accuracy, determine when a player should hit the spin button to ensure the next spin will be a winning one!

When we first discovered this slot machine scam we were very doubtful that it was actually a real one, however many Gaming Commissions and land based casinos have been warning that this scam is very real and have visual proof thanks to CCTV footage of some players perpetrating it in many different casino venues.

How the scam is pulled of is just as high tech as the way it sounds, for a player first needs to video him or herself playing a slot machine in real time and send that footage to another member of the gang who then runs a computer programme that will then pinpoint when the next spin of the reels should be played off.

That is all achieved with a mobile/cell phone, and as such the slot cheat simply needs to film themselves playing a slot machine whilst streaming the footage in real time over the internet. However, another mobile or cell phone is required, for the computer that is working out the mathematics of the random number generator then sends a message to that other phone.

As soon as the player feels their other phone vibrating to alert them they have receive a message they should immediately hit the spin button to spin in a winning combination or to trigger the bonus game attached to the slot they are playing! The slot machines that have been hit with this amazing and to be honest still quite unbelievable scam are the Aristocrat Mark VI model slot machines.