Avoiding Slot Machines That Have Just Paid Out

Experience may have taught you as a slot player that you should always avoid playing slot machines that have recently paid out a fair amount of cash to another player.

For even though all slot machines are completely random, the chances of a player winning big shortly after another player has done so are tiny, and as such you need to find ways of discovering out just which slots have paid out.

When in a land based casino which has a ticket in ticket out type of payment system in place, you will be able to look at the slot machine screens in those venues to see if the last player to play any slot cashed out anything big.

However, it may have been the case a player inserted into that slot machine a high valued cash out voucher and only played off a few spins before then cashing out their credits and moving on. Therefore that way of checking if a slot has just paid out is not very reliable!

One way that you could choose just which slot machines to play is to keep your eyes peeled on a slot you fancy playing when another player is playing it, and see if they cash any winnings out or win big on it before they stop playing and move on.

That will be quite time consuming and most casinos are not going to let you loiter around watching other players play anyway!

You should consider monitoring the Twitter feeds of land based casinos and/or their other Social Media accounts, for by doing so you will often find as someone does win big on a slot machine it won’t be very long before the casino announces that winner, and may also post a picture of the player and slot machine they won on.

That way you will be able to see just which slot machines located on any casino gaming floor have just or very recently paid out and as such they should be the slots you are best off avoiding playing.

Also, be aware that some WMS slot machines found in many land based casinos have a “Stats” button that you can press and by doing so the slot will then display on its screen a wealth of very valuable information about when it last paid anything out.

You will find information such as when the bonus games last triggered and were awarded to players and also find out just how much those bonus games paid out too.

In fact, you will also find lots of other information such as how long ago any mega big winning payout were achieved on each slot or when the jackpot was last won by another player too.

So keep that in mind and if you do come across any slot machines that do offer that feature, make sure you tap on the Stats button and read through the information displayed. It may also be worth your while asking a slot attendant which slot machines have paid out big recently, for if anyone will know it is them!