Average Number of Spins Between Wild Reel Bonus Games Triggering

Video slot machines and some of the much newer three stepper reel slots have all manner of unique bonus games that can be triggered at various points in time when a player is playing such slot, and one such bonus game is a randomly triggered one known as a Random Wild Reels feature.

These types of bonus games are much more likely to be found on slot games that have a 243 ways to win type of playing structure on which every single way of forming a winning combination on the in view reel symbols on the reels is covered for a small set number of coins.

How a Random Reels bonus game is triggered however is what makes them fairly exciting, for they are randomly award at the point in time a player clicks or taps onto the spin button to send the reels into live play.

When triggered a player can only sit back and watch as the slot machine will then decide just how many of the reels on that slot are turned into reels containing just wild symbols. As such what a player will want to see is a many of the reels then turning into wild reels as is possible, for the more reels that do turn wild the more chances they will then have of forming lots of winning combinations.

When playing for example a 243 ways to win slot and a player gets all five reels turning wild then that player is going to be awarded with 243 jackpot paying combinations, which depending on the slot machine they have chosen to play could result in them winning millions of coins on their chosen coin value setting!

However, the winning payouts a player can receive will always vary depending on not only how many reels are turned completely wild but also which reel symbols spin in on the other reels that may not have turned wild and which positions those symbols land too.

One question often asked is just how many base game spins player is going to have to play off before they do get a Random Reels bonus game triggering. As all slots of this nature are random the only way to be able to fairly accurately judge the number of base game spins it will take to trigger that feature is to play off a huge number of spins and then work out the average number required from that data sample.

With that in mind we can report that when playing three of the most popular slots which do boast Random Wild Reels features, those being the Thunderstruck 2, Immortal Romance and The Finer Reels of Life, and having studied the data on a huge number of spins played off, the average number of base game spins on average it will take to trigger the features on each of those three slot games are 350 spins, 400 spins and 300 spins respectively.

As such you are much more likely to trigger that bonus feature when you play the Finer Reels of Life slot than you would when playing the other two slots, all three slots by the way have been designed by Microgaming, so it will be at casino sites offering their range of games you will find them on offer.