Ash Gaming Slots with the Best Payout Percentages

You may be getting slightly dizzy if you have been reading through several of our payout percentage related guides and news stories, for one thing you are going to come across is thousands upon thousands of different slots designed by lots of different companies!

It will however be worth spending as much time as you can researching just which are the better paying slots available to you as a player, for by making the very wise decision of playing only those slots boasting the very highest payout percentages you may just find your bankroll lasting longer than you had hoped for!

With that in mind we have compiled this particular guide which is going to be showcasing to you a range of slot machines that have been designed by a company called Ash Gaming (no part of Playtech) who have a reasonable selection of slot machines which can be accessed online via a no download gaming platform.

Keep in mind though, that much like any slot machine designer and supplier the range of their slot machines is only going to grow in the future, and whilst the listing below is up to date at the time of compiling this guide, in the future you may find some new slots being released which may just have higher RTP’s than the slot machines mentioned.

Ok, the very first slot machine that we would encourage you to have very high up on your list of Ash Gaming slots to play if you are ever playing at a casino site that has their range of slots on offer is the Ace Ventura slot for that slot has a payout percentage of some 96.20%.

Another slot that may be worth playing is their Gold Rush Showdown slot which has an ever so slightly lower payout percentage of 96.10%. Be aware that as all of the slots we ware showcasing to you are random the RTP you will achieve when playing any of them for any length of session will vary as they are all completely random slot machines and have been certified as being random too!

The King Arthur slot may appeal to you if you are seeking out bonus game awarding slots, and when playing that particular slot game from Ash Gaming you will find its long term payout percentage has been set at some 95.10%.

The RTP’s sadly do get slight lower in value on most of their other slot machines and as such if you fancy playing the Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash slot, which to be fair many players due thanks to its very unique design then you will need to know its payout percentages is 94.80%.

We are hesitant to showcase slots that offer RTPs lower than 94.00% as you will find you do not usually get much play time when playing such slots, however three slot games you may find appealing which do have RTP’s of 94.00% are the Amazon Wild slot the Fairest of Them All slot and also the Midas Millions slot game too!