Are Free Slot Spin Bonuses Ever Worth Claiming?

As an online or mobile slot machine player, you are going to quickly realise that not every single bonus or promotional offer you can claim from a casino site is going to be worth claiming. In fact, there are some bonuses you can claim and promotional offers too that are never worth claiming if you want a fair and reasonable chance of winning big!

Free slot spins are proving to be one of the most commonly available slot game related bonuses offered to players at most online and mobile casino sites, and they are fairly straight forward to claim and play off too.

For what you will be offered when claiming such a bonus is a free set of spins on usually just one single slot, and when you play off those spins any winnings you achieve will then be credited to your casino account as either real money credits or bonus credits.

There are a few things to look for in the terms and conditions of such bonuses to work out whether these types of slot game related promotions are going to be worth claiming and utilizing, and as such below we will enlighten you on what you should be looking for in the terms and conditions associated with such offers that make free spins offers worth claiming.

The number of spins and the slot machines they will be available on is the very first thing you should look out for when you are thinking of claiming a free spins bonus, for you will at least want to be playing a fun to play and potentially high paying slot with your awarded free spins.

So look out for such offers that will see you getting a large number of free spins, but also ensure that whatever slots those free spins will be credited on you are going to have every single pay line activated, and also make a note of the coin values that will be in play on each of those free spins.

Some casino sites think that slot players are stupid and will sign up to their sites no matter how the free spin bonus offers are designed at their respective casino sites. As such you could find for example some casinos offering you a huge number of free spins on a slot machine, only to discover that one single pay line per free spin you play off will be activated!

The best free spins bonuses to claim and make use of are those offering the maximum number of free spins, with every single pay line activated on the slot, and those that also award the winnings you achieve as you play off your free spins as cash credits and not bonus credits.

If you are awarded your free slot spins as bonus credits then you are going to have to play through those bonus credits a certain number of times before they do eventually get turned into real money credits. Some of those bonus credits will have such high play through requirements attached to them you have virtually no chance of achieving the play through requirements!

So if you ever do see a free spins bonus offer on which the winnings you achieve when playing off your free spins are awarded as cash credits, then those bonuses are always going to be worth claiming for sure!