Are Electronic Pull Tab Machines Really Slot Machines in Disguise?

still pic electronic pull tab machine

Since slot machines were first invented many manufacturers of those machines have devised ways to design them to become legal in certain jurisdictions were slot machines are not permitted, and one of the more novel ways of giving players a slot machine like playing experience is by designing something known as an Electronic Pull Tab machine.

You will not doubt be very familiar with how a normal slot machine works and operates, and those machines using  a random number generator to ultimately determine the outcome of each spin played off.

However, in certain parts of the world, namely some U.S. States slot machines are not permitted, and that has led to a small number of companies offering a gaming machine that is not technically a slot machine but a machine that does look like a slot.

Many charities have chosen to raise funds by selling pull tabs, and these are for all intents and purposes a small card on which a purchaser of those cards pulls off a certain number of tabs on those cards in the hope they match certain cash values or a set of matching symbols to win the associated cash prizes.

Whilst to be perfectly honest those pull tabs will get very boring to play if you buy more than just a small number of them, some companies now offer an electronic version of them that are housed in a cabinet that does look like a slot machine.

The main difference between one of these electronic pull tab machines and as slot machine is that they are programmed with a finite number of outcomes, much like the way a batch of pull tab tickets are, some will be winning ones but there will of course be more losing one’s than winning ones.

As such when you play these types of machine you will get just as much fun and excitement as you do when playing a slot machine for they will have spinning reels and the aim of each “spin” you play off will be to get a matching set of symbols spinning in.

In fact, unless you know you are playing an electronic pull tab machine you will not notice the difference between playing them and playing a slot machine. The main benefit of these machines is that they can be legally operated in places where slot machines are not permitted.

Plus, when playing them a percent of the profit they make is going to charity, and due to the way they are designed the charity and also the operator of those electronic pull tabs machines are guaranteed to earn a set amount of income each time a full cycle of spins have been played off.

If you are ever in Virginia in the U.S. then you are likely to come across these electronic pull tab machines which may not only be housed in a cabinet but may be on hand held devices too, however the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for example does have some very strict regulations in regards to how many of those machines and devices are permitted in each venue that has them on offer and also how they are required to operate too!