All Ways and All Pays Slot Games Explained

How do you fancy playing a slot game on which you can have hundreds or even thousands of pay lines in play, but have as little as 25, 30 or even 50 coins wagered to have such a playing structure in play?

Well, if that is something that does appeal to you, and we are sure many avid slot players will like that playing structure, then you should be making a beeline to play some of the many new slot games on which you will find an All Pays or as they are also referred to an All Ways playing structure on offer.

However, what you are going to find is that some of these next generations of slots games will have a different number of ways that you can form a winning combination. The most commonly available types of slots boasting such a playing structure are the 243 ways to win slots.

But you will also find quite a number of additional slot games on which 720, 1024 or even a whopping 3125 ways to win playing format will be available to you, and with just one small increment of coins that need to be wagered on each spin you play off, they are certainly very cost effective slots to play in any playing environment!

The way in which the winning combinations are formed on such slots is quite easy to understand, for all that you will be required to do when playing them is simply spin in on the first reel and then on the consecutive reels at the very least a minimum number of matching reel symbols, as listed on the pay table.

It doesn’t matter in which reel positions they do land on those reels, for you will have every single permutation covered by your initial stake.

What can also make such slots even more attractive to slot players is that there can be a whole host of built in bonus games and bonus features attached to those All Ways and All Pays slot games that takes advantage of the fact you have every possible way to win in play.

Some of them will offer sets of wild symbols that can be spun in, and when you do get one or more reels covered in wild symbols alongside other matching symbols you will then form multiple winning combinations.

You could also come across such a slot offering that type of playing structure and format that has a randomly awarded bonus game on which one or more of the reels will turn completely wild. As such when you are awarded that bonus game if you get every single reel covered in wild symbols then you will win the jackpot payout hundreds or thousands of times!

It should not take you very long to master playing All Pays and All Ways slots, and as the increment of coins you are required to put into play can be increased, and as the coin value settings are also fully adjustable by players we are more than confident you will find plenty of them that will suit your bankroll!