Alicante Airport Now Offers a Mini Casino

Whist you are probably very well versed with finding slot machines available at McCarran Airport if you have been to Vegas, when you are travelling to other parts of the world you will rarely find any slots on offer in the airport terminals.

Some countries such as those in the UK do have a plethora of low stake fruit machines dotted around the terminals, and as such if you enjoy playing slot machines and do not want to gamble away your holiday budget, and you are at most UK airports then those types of very low stake gaming machines are ideal ones to play.

However, one airport that has just opened what can best be described as a mini casino is Alicante Airport over in Spain. That casino is located airside and as such you will need to have a plane ticket booked and will have to go through security to access it, and it does offer a fair number of different slot machines to players.

Whilst Spain does have a large number of casinos dotted around the country they also have a plethora and in fact growing number of what are known as salon de juegos which are basically small venues in which you will find lots of different casinos styled slot machines.

The one at Alicante Airport is relatively small in size, however we did find about 20 different slot machines on offer, which incidentally are housed in multi-play cabinets and as such you will find several different slot games can be accessed via each one single machine.

That venue does offer a welcome distraction from the at times very busy terminal building, and as long as you do not get too carried away playing the slot machines on offer and miss your flight it might be worth visiting, if you ever do find yourself at that airport with some time to waste!

We were unable however to find out any information in regards to the payout percentages on offer on any of the slot machines, and as such there is no way of knowing whether you are going to find the slots boasting low, medium or very high payout percentages.

However, with the amount of time each visitor to that mini casino being limited we doubt the RTP’s will be set very high! Spain does have some very strict laws in regards to slot machines and as such you will always find the slots available in any part of that country will give you a fair and random outcome.

Whilst we did not see any instantly recognisable slot machines on offer in that venue, if you are visiting Spain and venture into one of the many land based casinos spread over the country you will find slots on offer in those venues that have been designed by companies such as IGT, WMS, Novomatic and Atronic and many other familiar slot game designers.

Some Spanish casinos still have slot machines that payout coins, but we have seen quite a number of them recently switch over to using the ticket in ticket out payment systems.