Ainsworth Slots are Unique and May Take Some Getting Used to!

Ainsworth Game Technology are a slot machine manufacturer that was and still is the brainchild of a man named Len Ainsworth, he started the company in Australia back in 1995, and his passion for the industry spurred him on. His company has grown and grown over the years and now supplies land based casinos all over the world with their slot machines.

In fact, it is not only land based bricks and mortar slot machines the company designs and supplies, for they have also moved into the online and mobile slot playing environments and as such you are likely to come across their range of slots no matter where you decide to play.

One thing we have noticed however about the more recently launched Ainsworth slot machines is that whilst they do boast all manner of themes, the actual cabinets are not what you would call over the top, and neither are the add-ons, as such do not expect to find their slot machines offer you vibrating chairs which come with all of the latest surround sounds often attached to such interactive chairs.

We think that it will be down to what you look for from a slot machine that will either magically draw you into playing their range of online, mobile or land based slot machines, and as such you may find that they do not appeal to you.

Their older styled video slot machines offer nothing fancy what so ever, for they are fairly standard video slot games offering the usual bonus games and bonus features, but you will of course find plenty of them which offer low, medium and high variance playing structures and you will also find they come with adjustable stake options too.

What we would encourage you to do initially is track down one of the online or mobile casino sites that do have the Ainsworth range of slot machines on offer, as by locating such a site you are going to be able to sample playing those slot machines for free and at no risk.

It you like the way they do play and probably much more importantly how they pay, and we are sure plenty of players will do, then you are always going to be able to play them in those playing environments or in a bricks and mortar land based casino for real money whenever you choose.

You will however find quite a number of Ainsworth slot machines come with guaranteed to hit by progressive jackpots. Those jackpots are designed in such a way that they are going to be won before they reach a certain value.

As such the best way to play those types of progressive slot machines is to try and hunt around a casinos gaming floor for those slots on which the jackpots are very close to their guaranteed hit by amounts, as they are going to be won sooner rather than later, however the hit by amounts are not usually mega sized amounts!