You Can Now Win A Share Of Another Players Progressive Slot Jackpot!

As lots of progressive slot machines offer life changing jackpots to players sadly that does of course mean, due to those huge valued jackpots being won rarely, that your overall chances of winning such a jackpot are tiny!

However, there is a slot machine that is going to not only offer a quite large progressive jackpot but a slot that has been designed to payout that jackpot to not only the winner but a percentage of the jackpot to other players too, and as such you may be interested in giving it a try.

That slot is the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game which is found exclusively at casino sites offering Playtech’s range of slots, and as such that is the slot you will need to track down and get stuck into playing if you do want something of an increased chance of winning or at least sharing a progressive jackpot.

How this slot game has been structured and designed is that as soon as the jackpot is won, the winning player instantly receives 70% of the current value of the jackpot, and the remaining 30% of that jackpot is shared between qualifying players who have played that slot game recently.

That progressive jackpot is awarded at random to one player, and as such there is no need to have to play it in the hope that you line up a matching set of jackpot symbols, and once a player is awarded with the jackpot he or she is paid out 70% of the jackpots value as displayed on the jackpot meter instantly.

The other 30% of that jackpot is equally shared between all other players who have played the Everybody’s Jackpot slot in the last 24 hours but one those players who have wagered at least 50.00 on that slot within those last 24 hours.

You do not need to be online to qualify for your share of the jackpot, but if you are then a message will be displayed on your screen if you have qualified for a share of that jackpot when it has been won, if you are not online when it is won then when you next log into your account the message will be displayed and your share of the jackpot will be sat waiting for you in your casino account balance.

The recent historic jackpot data for the Everybody Jackpot slot game reveals that the average jackpot won is 195,722.00 (before being shared out) and the jackpot is won on average every 3 and a half days.

As there are a lot of online casino sites that do have Playtech’s range of slot games and slot machines on offer you will have no difficulties finding such a site at which to play this slot.

However, not all players are permitted to play their range of slot machines due to individual country specific gambling laws, so first check with any casino site you are thinking of playing at to ensure you can indeed play this and other Playtech slots based on where you live in the world!