Time To Avoid Playing the Treasure Nile Slot As It Has Just Paid Out Its Jackpot

If you tend to play at Microgaming software powered casinos, or some of the new casino sites that have their range of slots on offer alongside other suppliers slot games, then one slot we would advice to you steer clear of playing for a short while at least is the Treasure Nile slot!

The reason for us saying you should avoid playing it is due to the fact that just over 12 hours ago it paid out its progressive jackpot and that jackpot was worth a not so insignificant 40,430.00.

Being multi-currency slot you can play it for a range of different stake levels, however the base currency setting for that slot is GBP, and as such any difference between the currencies in which the jackpot won and GBP is then added back into the jackpot pool on top of its seed value.

Being of the very first progressive slot machines that Microgaming did design and make available to online slot players, it is possible to work out the average amount that it pays out to jackpot players, and for reference that value is 73,152.00.

It is also possible to work out the average amount of time between those jackpots being won which is every 2 days and 12 hours, and as such if you do fancy playing that slot online then you will be best off waiting until the jackpot has grown in value over and above 73,152.00 as it will then be overdue!

You may never have come across the Treasure Nile slot before, and if not let us give you a quick run through in regards to the way it has been designed and how you must play it to stand any chance what so ever of winning its progressive jackpot.

The slot is structured as a 9 optional pay line slot, and the coin values cannot be adjusted by players, plus you can only ever play one coin per pay line you do activate per spin. However the only way to win its progressive jackpot is by lining up the jackpot paying reel symbols on pay line number 9 with of course that pay line activated.

As such each spin on this slot will cost you 4.50 due to the fact the coin values are set at 0.50, which does sadly mean that it may be a way too expensive slot to play for most low rolling slot players.

However, if you do fancy playing a slot that does payout its jackpot quite regularly then one of the main benefits of playing this or in fact any other Microgaming designed slots is that all winning  progressive jackpot players, will, no matter how much they have won, get paid out their jackpots in one single payment and quite quickly too!

Unlike other slot machine manufacturers and designers you are not obliged to get paid your jackpots in small weekly, monthly or even annual equal payments, as Microgaming payout via one single payout leaving jackpot winners to enjoy their entire progressive jackpot win with no delays!