The SLS Casino Appears to Have More Staff than Customers!

Everyone who is planning a trip to Las Vegas is of course going to be looking for the perfect hotel or casino resort to stay in. Whilst some visitors are actively going to be looking for the cheapest place to stay, others will be looking for a venue that offers them everything they are looking for.

The things people look for could be casinos with huge gaming floors filled with every possible type of slot machine and casino game, properties that have lots of amenities including swimming pools, gyms and dining venues. Most savvy visitors to Vegas are going to be looking for a venue that will give them the most rewards for their gaming action if it is mainly gambling they intend to do on that trip!

One casino resort that you may be thinking of staying at is the SLS Casino that property is of course the completely remodelled Sarah Casino that sadly closed many years ago, and having visited it and taken a good look around it would appear no expense has been spared on that remodelling.

However, one thing that will become glaringly obvious when you do visit the SLS Casino is that whilst they do offer a large and varied selection of casino games, including all manner of different types of slot machines, there does seem to be a lack of players playing.

Having visited Vegas several time over the last year, I did make an effort to visit the SLS Casino several times, however each time I did visit I found there were more staff on duty in the casino than there appeared to be players!

Whilst admittedly I did visit at the quieter times of the year, most of the other casinos up and down the Strip had plenty of players inside and playing, however that is one thing that there was never an abundance of in the SLS!

I spoke to one lady playing a slot machine near the one I was playing, and she told me she loved the casino due to the fact that she would always have the attention of the cocktail waitress as they were never busy, and she also had the pick of the slot machines, as there were never any other players playing them!

If you are thinking of staying or visiting the SLS Casino in Las Vegas then keep the fact that at times it could be virtually deserted in the back of your mind, however a quick look at their website does reveal their room rates are not as expensive as some other casinos, and they do tend to cater for a much younger crowd.

As such you are probably going to find that it is at the weekend when this venue will be slightly busier, and if you do plan your trip well in advance then you may just find there may be some valuable offers available in regards to room rates and all manner of additional extras that will be bestowed on you such as meal and drink inclusive packages or special gambling related offers and promotions too!