The Double Diamond Slot Just Never Ages

If you have been looking through our Golden Oldies section you will have come across plenty of slot machines that have stood the test of time and are still worth playing whenever you come across them.

However, one slot that just never ages and is still found in large numbers on many a bricks and mortar casinos gaming floor is the IGT designed Double Diamond slot. This is of course a classic slot machine on which you have just one pay line that you will be activating on each base game spin you play off.

Now, with no bonus games and no bonus features it may not instantly be a slot many players would warm to or ever want to play, but if you are the type of player who loves nothing more than playing very basic and also very fast playing slot then this is never a slot to overlook!

One thing worth pointing out that IGT have designed this slot to be configurable by casino operators in one of several different denominations so you will find it available on casino gaming floors with one of several different coin value settings attached to it.

In fact, several online and mobile casinos that utilize the range of IGT slot machines will also have this slot available and unlike in a bricks and mortar casino you will find it is a multi-denomination slot and not a fixed coin slot that it will be set at in a land based casino.

There will not be many decisions you need to make when playing the Double Diamond slot other than whether you will want to put into play one or two coins per spin and when to click onto the spin button!

The original version of this slot offers an 800 coin jackpot when playing one coin spins and a 1600 coin jackpot when playing two coin spins. The jackpot symbols are the Double Diamond symbols and three of them spinning in on the pay line will award that jackpot payout.

However, one of the reasons many slot players around the world do enjoy occasionally playing this slot is that those jackpot symbols are also wild symbols and as such they will not only stand in for every other reel symbol in play on all three stepper reels but they will boost the value of the winning payouts depending on just how many of those symbols help you form a winning combination.

One single Double Diamond symbol in a winning combination will double the value of that winning payout, and two of them helping you form any winning combination as listed on the pay table will boost the value of that payout by four times that pay table listed payout amount.

The jackpot as mentioned above is awarded for getting all three of the logo symbols on the one single pay line, however the jackpot payout is not boosted in value with the help of those wild multiplier symbols! Be aware when playing this slot in a bricks and mortar casino the RTP of the slot is generally set higher on the higher denomination versions of it!