The Blazing 7’s Slot is Still a Popular Choice for Players

When IGT launched their Blazing 7’s slot machine decades ago, they probably had something of an inclining that this slot was going to take gaming floors by storm, and that is exactly what it did do! So much so you are still going to find the occasional bank of them in many Las Vegas casinos and there are many players who love sitting down to play them.

It was its local progressive jackpot and the very basic pay table attached to the Blazing 7’s slot machine that players did and still do like, for its design is such that it is a three stepper reel slot on which players can opt to play one, two or three coins per spin with the coin values fixed at different amounts depending on where you play it.

However, the design of the pay table is such that when playing a one coin spin, a player can only win the Bar symbol related winning payouts listed on the pay table. Increasing the stakes played to $2.00 would see players additionally being able to win a range of Red 7 reel symbol related winning payouts.

But it was when players play this slot for the maximum $3.00 stake that they also have the chance of winning both an enhanced set of Red 7 reel symbol payouts, and the local progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the screen.

If you have never come across a local progressive slot jackpot before, the main difference between that type of jackpot and other progressive jackpots is that it can only be won on the one slot machine it is attached to.

For example when playing most other networked progressive slot games as they are known the jackpot pools are fed by players playing any of those types of slots across a wide area and any player could win one of those jackpots.

Due to that local progressive jackpot the Blazing 7’s slot machine proved very popular with savvy and strategic slot players, for those players could, by putting in the legwork required, wander around many casino floors at various different bricks and mortar casinos to track down the slots which had a higher than average jackpot displayed on their jackpot meter.

As those jackpots are won much more regularly than most other slot machines award their jackpots, there was and is something of an increased chance of a player winning one of those jackpots when they are above a certain value.

Many slot machine designers have, over the years, brought out a range of slot machines themed around the Blazing 7’s slots, such as some of the Quick Hits slot machine series however they do not offer the same basic yet exciting playing structure as the original version of the slot.

You will of course find the Blazing 7’s slot machines in many casinos, and as such do consider tracking them down and giving them some play time, but only do so when you find a slot with the highest valued jackpot displayed on its jackpot meter!