Slots with High Payout Percentages from Big Time Gaming

If there is one thing you are going to be guaranteed of finding when you set about playing slot machines online, it is that all of the slot game design companies offer a huge number of slots that fit into all of the usual slot game categories, so you will have 1000´s of slots available to you.

However, whilst may online players are well versed with the way some of the more commonly available slot games from the leading companies all play and pay, some of the newer slot game designers have slots on offer at various different casino sites that you will never have seen or played before.

As such we have been very busy behind the scenes finding out the payout percentages attached and on offer on all slot games you will come across online, with the aim of putting together a range of guides that will enlighten you and all of our website visitors on which will be the very best slots to play online, those being the ones with the highest payout percentages.

Below you will find slots available online that have been designed by a company called Big Time Gaming, whilst by no stretch of the imagination are they one of the mainstream slot game designers, their range of slot machines are very playable, and as you are about to find out some of them do boats higher than average RTP´s.

It will be the Queen of Riches slot that any savvy slot player should be looking to play when they are playing Big Time Gaming designed slot machines, for currently that slot is one of the very highest paying slots from that company and the RTP is 96.9%.

There are three slots from Big Time Gaming all of which offer a payout percentage over the long term of 96.30% and those slots are the Feathered Frenzy slot, the Gold slot and the Las Vegas themed and therefore very aptly named Vegas Dreams slot.

Another two slot games that you should seriously consider playing are the Faeries Fortune slot along with the Starquest slot as both of them are set to return to players, over the long term 96.20% of their stakes as winning payouts!

Most slot games offer a range of slots on which their respective long term expected payout percentages are exactly 96.00% and that is also the case with Big Time Gaming, and three such slots which may just be worth playing with that RTP are the Bonanza slot along with both the Temple Quest slot and the Viking Quest slot.

Most of the other slot games you will find available are set to return to players a payout percentage of lower than 96.00% and with that in mind you should consider playing only those slot listed above. Also, make sure when any new Big Time Gaming slots go live that you checkout their respective RTP´s as you never know they may just launch some new slots with high and appealing RTP´s such as those listed above!