No Statutory Minimum RTP for UK Slot Machines

Slot players are always going to be best advised to study very closely the pay tables or help files on any slot machine they are thinking of playing online or on a mobile device, or somewhere on the slot machines screens if playing them in a land based gaming venue.

Much more so if those slot machines are licensed in the UK and the reason for that is that there is no legal statutory minimum payout percentage requirement on slot machines located or licensed in the United Kingdom.

As such, in theory a casino site operator could set their slot machines to payout nothing and therefore offer a payout percentage of 0%! However, there is a legal requirement for slot machines based and licensed in the UK to have displayed on them somewhere, the long term expected payout percentage each slot machine, fruit machine or gaming machine has been set to return.

Therefore if any slot machines operator was to set their slots to return a very low RTP, players would soon notice when they make a concerted effort to look up that all important information.

If you are a slot player, and not necessarily a UK based one you may be wondering just how high the payout percentages will be set on slot machines accessible at online and mobile casinos, and if there is an average set RTP.

Well, we have taken a look over several casino websites and have come to the conclusion that the vast majority of slot machines have payout percentages that tend to be within the 94% to 96% ranges.

That however doesn’t mean you are not going to find much lower or higher RTP’s and we would advise anyone who is thinking of playing slot machines in any environment to make a point of finding out just what the payout percentages are on any slot machines that have caught their eye and they fancy playing.

What you do also need to be aware of is that even though a slot machine has been set to return a certain payout percentage you are not always going to achieve that payout percentage every time you play it. The single session RTP’s you can and will achieve can vary quite dramatically depending on just how lucky or not you are playing a slot machine over any given time period.

However, it does have to be said that a slot machines set to return a much higher payout percentage will, over time, give you plenty of additional winning spins, and often there is a very noticeable decrease in regards to how many base game spins you have to play off before you will trigger a bonus game on a video slot with a high RTP when compared to the number of spins it will take to trigger a bonus game on a slot machine with a low RTP.

You are of course in control of your own destiny when playing slot machines anywhere, and it will always be ultimately up to you just which slots you do decide to play.