It’s Time to Play Microgaming’s Tunzamunni Slot!

Part and parcel of you being a successful slot player is having a sixth sense in regards to you knowing just which slots you should be playing and when!

Progressive jackpot slots can be exciting slots to play sometimes, much more so when their progressive jackpots are currently way higher than the amounts they usually grow to before being won.

If you tend to play online and mobile slot games then one slot that is looking very tempting to play in regards to its current jackpot value is the Tunzamunni slot which has been designed by a company called Microgaming.

That slot is a classic slot and as such when playing it you will discover it boasts just three stepper type reels and you will only be able to put into play one single pay line per spin.

You are also given the choice of play from one to five coins per spin, but by putting into play five coin spins you then have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot as opposed to a fixed coin jackpot payout.

The coin values have been fixed at 0.05, and as such when playing five coins spins you are required to wager 0.25 per spin, which does make it a cost effective slot to play if you only have as small limited bankroll.

It is also a network wide slot, and as such the stakes from players playing it at any online or mobile casino site offering Microgaming designed slots will be feeding the jackpot pool, and any player will have the chance of winning that jackpot no matter at which casino they are playing it at, as long as they play maximum bet spins.

Currently the value of the progressive jackpot on the Tunzamunni slot stands at a huge £/€/$88,003 that jackpot will of course keep on growing in size until won.

The average number of days between that jackpot being won is 35 and as the last time it was won was 36 days ago, and as the average jackpot amount won on the Tunzamunni slot is £/€/$48,301 it is now getting to the point in time when the jackpot is overdue and may just be about to be won!

As you can play that slot in one of any different currencies what you need to be aware of is that if that jackpot is won in any currency other that UK Pounds Sterling, and different between the value of GBP and the currency the jackpot does get won in will be added back into the jackpot pool when it is won and resets to its seed value.

Unlike other slot and casino game designers, if you do ever win a progressive jackpot, of any value, when playing Microgaming designed casino games you are not going to get paid out in annual instalments.

Microgaming will ensure that your jackpot win is paid out to you in a single lump sum payment, which is why many slot players looking for a big win do tend to play their range of progressive slot games!