The Basics of How To Play Slot Machines

If you have never played a slot machine before, and you are thinking of doing so the following article will give you  a basic overview of how most slot machines have been designed and how to play them. Just keep in mind that there are lots of different slot categories and as such you are going to find lots of different slot games which could be offering lots of unique features!

The basic idea behind a slot machine is that each of them has been designed as games of chance, and the very first thing you will need to do is to locate a slot you like the look of to play. Each slot will come with its own unique theme, staking options and playing features and structures but the way in which most of them work and operate are very similar.

Choosing a Slot – You should not look just for a theme you like when selecting which slot machines to play, you should look at what the slot has to offer you by way of the jackpots, any additional bonus games or bonus features but much more importantly what the payout percentage is on offer.

The payout percentage is the amount of stakes, over the long term that a slot machine has been designed to payout. Obviously it goes without saying the higher the payout percentage the more a slot will payout!

Crediting the Slot – Once you come across a slot machine you like the look of your will need to feed into that machines coins or banknotes if playing in a land based venue, or when playing at an online or mobile casino site you will need to fund your account using one of several different payment options.

Staking Options – As soon as you have funded your account or have fed banknotes and/or coins into a bricks and mortar based slot machine you will then need to decide what stakes to play it for. That will simply require you to select a coin value, the number of pay lines you wish to activate an often how many coins per line you wish to wager per spin.

Sending the Reel Spinning – Once you have chosen a slot, credited it and selected a stake you will next need to click or tap onto the spin or start button, by doing so the reels of the slot will then spin and depending on what reel symbols spin in on any of your activate pay lines you may have formed a winning combination.

Winnings – If you have formed a winning combination your winnings will then either be credited to the credit meter instantly or you may be given the option of gambling your winnings. The gamble games will see you having to play off some form of bonus game on which you can try and increase the value of that winning payout, but could risk losing them if you do not have a winning outcome on that gamble bonus game!

Cashing Out – If at any point when a spin is not in live play you can cash out your winnings, if you are playing in a bricks and mortar venue then simply clicking on the collect or cash out button will see the machine either paying out your winnings in coins or you the slot will print out a ticket which you can then exchange for cash at the cashiers desk or at a ticket redemption machine.

When playing at an online or mobile casino site you will have to click onto the cashier or banking button, select the amount of winnings you wish to cash out and then also select the payment method that you would like that casino to pay you out your winnings by.

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

Most of the slot machines you will come across sin any playing environment will have one or more bonus games and/or bonus features on offer on them along with lots of special reel symbols that can also award different bonus features when one or more of them spin in.

With that in mind we would urge you to have a good look around our website as by doing so you will find lots of slot machines reviews, guides and news articles that will give you an indication of how those reel symbols work and operate and how the bonus games and features are triggered and how they will play out.

Bonuses and Player Comps

There are also a few additional ways that any slot player can get more play time and value from their gambling bankroll and gaming budgets and one of the best ways of doing so if you want to play slot machines online is by looking out for casino sites offering players bonuses.

Bonuses are often awarded to players when they make a deposit into a casino site and come in many shapes and sizes! We do have a wide array of articles that you are more than welcome to make use of throughout our website that cover the topics of bonuses and additional casino promotional offers and players reward schemes such as comp clubs too, so please have a good look around.

Just keep in mind that as a slot player it is always your decision in regards to where you do play slot machines whether online or on a mobile device or even in a land based casino.

You do also have the choice of just which slots you end up playing, but make sure you are playing at a casino that offers fair games and higher paying slots, as no player will ever want to play slots that have been set with a low payout percentage!

Always please do always play responsibly and only ever gamble with money that you can afford to lose, for you are going to be experiencing losing sessions and winning sessions, and you will not want to spend any more than you can afford to lose when you experience a losing session no matter where you choose to play and gamble!