High Variance Slots are the Riskiest Slot Machines You Can Play

If you want to get plenty of spins when playing a slot machine and you have something of a limited bankroll, then you may be best advised to steer clear of slots on which you are going to find a high variance structure and design, for those types of slot games are high risk ones!

However, they are games that many slot players will be tempted to play, for whilst at times you are going to find they eat up your bankroll so quickly you will never get much play time from them unless you have a very large gambling budget, every now and then they can and do payout some mega amounts of cash.

The basic design that all high variance slot machines share is that when playing them you will find the lower valued winning combinations do not spin in a regularly as they do when you are playing low or medium variance slots, for those payouts are reduced so that the slot can award those mega winning payouts occasionally, the like of which other types of slots will not award to players.

If you do fancy playing highly volatile slots having never played them before we would encourage you to play a range of them initially for free, and that is something most if not all online and mobile casino sites will allow you to do, to see if you are going to get any enjoyment out of playing them later for real money.

Whilst you can have long playing sessions on these types of slot machines you do have to be prepared for a roller coaster type of session, and one that can often have you on the edge of your seat when playing off a base game spin or playing off any bonus games and/or bonus features too.

Low stake players with a limited bankroll should consider using bonus credits if any are available to them when playing high variance slots, for those extra credits are always going to come in useful. Just make sure that in regards to how much you stake on each spin, that figure is a low one and always in relation to your bankroll, or you may find your bankroll vanishes quickly if you play them for too high a stake amount.

A hit and run type of playing strategy is often adopted by players playing high variance slots, meaning if you are ever lucky enough to win big when playing one of them, as soon as your winning credits have been credited to your credit meter you hit the cash out button if playing at a bricks and mortar casino or withdraw those winnings if playing online or at a mobile casino site and steer clear of that slot machine for the foreseeable future!

You could always split up your bankroll when in a slot playing frame of mind and pick out some low, medium and high variance slots to play, so you will get something of a fully rounded type of session.